Empty Prayer, Empty Mouths, Talk About the Playoffs

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Every single one of your faithful gloggers is far too busy to host a chitter-chatter room tonight. We leave you with this open-ended post in which you can register your pleasure or displeasure about the Yankees-Twins and Braves-Giants games (and the remnants of the Rays-Rangers mess). See you tomorrow, though: I can assure you there will be a return of the Cover It Live festivities for the NL games Friday night. Same WoW channel.

Or if you're feeling artistic, check out our first Dabbleboard of the year!

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I've never rooted harder for a Pavano win, even when he was on the Tribe.


A Pavano win tonight could possibly be one of the most amazing things ever. Maybe UU's head would explode or something! Nothing personal against him, though - I just think it might be fun to see somebody's head explode.

HANK III, turning grief into drunken anger since 1999
I think lobster baby could take cigar guy in a cage fight

Wow, only took you til October to get your first board of the year up. Better start planning that Christmas party now, August will be here before you know it.

Nothing personal taken Ed. With that said, fuck Carl "American Idle" Pavano.

btw, my 5 year old daughter is watching the game with me. It's an awesome feeling. so i got that going for me.

Not enough dabbling going on.


Robin Williams is a Giants fan. I feel so bad for phillas.

I feel much worse for anyone who suffered through Old Dogs, Bicentennial Man, Mrs. Doubtfire, Man of the Year, World's Greatest Dad, Good Morning Vietnam, Runaway Vacation, Patch Adams, Jakob the Liar, Jumanji, Jack, Father's Day, Shakes the Clown, Dead Poets Society, Being Human and God help us, Seize the Day. I would actively support a constitutional amendment mandating his death and capital punishment for anyone remotely like him.

Old Dogs,man, Old Dogs.

Cmon man. You didn't mention Flubber but you mention Jack?

I love the Chief's movie reviews for many reasons, but the best reason is that he either threatens or pines for physical violence against the makers of the movies he hates. And, he's completely justified in doing so.

And Robin Williams is the worst.

This game has been on for 4 minutes and it's the 7th.


Wahoo, I was forced to suffer through Man of the Year by an ex-girlfriend. I don't know if RW or Laura Linney was worse.

Just home from the game. Woohoo! Timmy!! It was like a 3-hour orgasm!
Robin Williams is the funniest funny man in history! Mrs. Doubtfire shoulda won Oscars!
Doc-tober can suck it. Welcome to Pot-tober!

Dead Poets Society moved me. It's deep, brother.

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