Friday Night Liveglog Club: Primetime Overlap Glog, 8PM-???

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Gonna try something different tonight, folks. Come back here at 8PM for the first ever Walkoff Walk Primetime Overlap Glog where we'll chat about the rear end of the Phillies-Reds tilt and the front end of the Giants-Braves game. It makes no sense whatsoever, and that's why we're doing it. Although this way, I don't have to choose one of the two games to glog. I can do both! Our Braves fan friends and our Phillies fan friends can co-exist in peace. You too, Giants fan friend.

Also, this means I can do some food-shopping before I sit in front of my dumb laptop and stupid TV all night long, and so I can get to bed at a reasonable hour so I can wake up early and train for a triathlon.

So, see you in a bit for the debut of the WoW POG.

Sorry folks, something came up so I am going to have to cancel the liveglog. My bad.

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WoW POGs! I bet Clooney is pictured on the Slammer.

Do I follow the liveGlog at the game, or do I actually watch?
I'm conflicted.

Always Be Glogging. Always. Be. Glogging.

phillas, just make a comment and slam an Anchor Steam every time there is an incorrect call.

You'll have 40 comments and be dead by 830.

Bronson Arrrrroyoyyoyoyo looked 19 when he was in Boston
Now he looks like he's on the Tom Petty old as hell topical ointment program

Romero comes out in the 6th, w/ 2 outs, someone esplain?

Awwww, walk'em pick'em off, tricky, like gramma

No glog? Christ, can't someone else put an emery board to work on Sally's bunions?

Good crap, loaded again

If I had any idea how to do a liveglog, and had a site to host it, I would do it.


Fartie, we have the world in our sweaty palms right here

Phils take it to the stretch, down 1

The only thing sweating right now is this frosty mug of SIerra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA.

And my balls.

I've got Leinenkugel's Oktober, and a nice cool NE evening

This Chapman asshole throws like Billy Koch, except more accurately and he gets people out.

Jason Werth looks like he's fresh off America's Most Wanted

Old Forester Signature. Give me 100 Proof or give me liver disease!

Wait...another fucked up call? Nawwwwww.

That was the most pants-shitting in one play I have ever seen.

and the Phillies take the lead on Cinci High JV

better get dusty's nitro pills

Joe Morgan must be rolling over in his grave.

Joe Morgan thinks the Reds can get back into this with a few bunts and Stolen Bases.

drew is gloggin the braves game for the score when it starts

Only 7 sac bunts to get back into this game.

please addy for us dorks who don't know

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