From The Desk Of Human Resources: Managerial Snooze You Can Use

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Once you fill out this stack of forms I'll take you to meet Kenny in payroll and he'll go over direct deposit. By the by, his office is next to the FREE coffee machine. Just please try and go easy on the flavored creamer, we're in a recession.

I'm looking at YOU, Eric Wedge. The Mariners have, by all accounts, hired the former Indians skipper as their new skipper. I guess when you're still longing for the halcyon days of being managed by Mike Hargrove you retain the services of a younger Mike Hargrove. Genius! And how about those Indians, a team currently under the tutelage of Patton-like leader of men, Manny Acta? Any sage advice for Mariners fans as they embrace being Wedgied? Let's turn to the always wonderful Indians Comment of The Day:

"Seattle fans should prepare to see their backup catcher in right field, their first baseman in left field, three career utility guys in the infield and a different lineup and batting order every day." -blackohiosky

So uh, good luck with all that M's fans. Geoff Baker's LiveJournal is gonna explode!

Seattle isn't the only place planting the seeds of their 2011 campaign in old manager compost. The Cardinals announced that Tony LaRussa is coming back for a 16th season. That's a lot. And excitement has reached a fever pitch.

Financial terms were not disclosed on the new contract, finalized 15 days after the end of a disappointing season that left the 66-year-old La Russa wondering if he'd worn out his welcome. The Cardinals won the World Series in 2006 but have missed the postseason three of the past four seasons.

"For the last 10 days or so, Tony and I have had daily dialogue," general manager John Mozeliak said. "And I'm happy to report that we're welcoming him back."

Jesus. Were the negotiations held in couple's therapy? Have a manager and team ever "stayed together for the kids" before? The Cardinals had a lousy year and played flat, uninspired baseball to the point where one of their announcers said they had "poopy in their pants".

Yes. Bring that manager back. Everyone, bring every manager back ever. We are not taking any new candidates. The managerial pool is full and new slots will only be brought on by death. Thank you.

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"Seattle fans should prepare to see effects-enhanced smiles, vivid colors, a melted Barbie doll, and a hot chick with a lizard tongue." -blackholesun

I expect Geoff Baker will be "cutting" himself more than usual next season.

2 questions:
Live glog tonight?
Fantasy basketball league this year?

Worse than being terrible at baseball, the Mariners are (besides Felix and Ichiro) painfully boring. ERIC WEDGE?!?111 Ugh.

Mike Quade officially hired by Cubs. YES WE GET TO KEEP GIRARDI WOO

Yeah there WILL be a liveglog tonight, even if it kills me.

Yeah there WILL be a liveglog tonight, even if it kills me.

Jesus, I heard BCTF forcefully crossing his fingers from a thousand miles away.

Hey now. I would never wish harm on another person. Plus I like Rob most of the time.

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