Give Us Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Quick & Dirty Playoff Predictions

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Without too much pomp or circumstance, let's jump headfirst into some poorly-formed playoff predictions that have little basis in reality, because in a short series ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN. It's true, even the Royals once won a World Series. Yeah, crazy thought, right?

Dan McQuade

  • LDS: Braves over Giants in 4, Phillies over Reds in 3, Rays over Rangers in 5, Yankees over Twins in 5
  • LCS: Phillies over Braves in 6, Yankees over Rays in 7
  • WFS: Phillies over Yankees in 6

Drew Fairservice

  • LDS: Giants over Braves, Phillies over Reds, Rays over Rangers, Yankees over Twins
  • LCS: Phillies over Giants, Rays over Yankees
  • WFS: Phillies over Rays

Rob Iracane

  • LDS: Braves over Giants, Reds over Phillies, Rays over Rangers, Yankees over Twins
  • LCS: Reds over Braves, Rays over Yankees
  • WFS: Rays over Reds

Kris Liakos

  • LDS: Giants over Braves in 3, Phillies over Reds in 5, Rangers over Rays in 5, Yankees over Twins in 3
  • LCS: Yankees over Rangers in 6, Giants over Phillies in 4
  • WFS: Giants over Yankees in 7

Looks like the only first round result we all agree on is that the Yankees will eliminate the Twins quite easily. But, we are all idiots. So if you're a betting person, I highly recommend putting your life-savings on the Twins to win.

But really? I picked the Reds in the World Series when everyone and their mother are predicting they'll get swept out in the first round? Sure, anything can happen when you practice the ancient art of DUSTYBALL.

Feel free to add your own predictions in the comment section, or just harass us for our wacky choices.

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-LDS: ATL over SF, PHI over CIN, TEX over TB, NYY over MIN
-LCS: Phillies over Braves in 6, Yankees over Rangers in 5
-WFS: Yankees over Phillies in 6

/predicted NYY over Phils in 6 last year

btw, will there be some live blog action today?

I only picked the Rays to make it that far because I wrote their preview. They could easily die trying to scale Mt. Lee.

or just harass us for our wacky choices.

That blazer with those shoes? Wacky indeed.

Please to be having live bolg?

Predictions via Die Rolls (12-sided edition!):

LDS: TEX over TB, MIN over NYY, CIN over PHI, SF over ATL
LCS: MIN over TEX, SF over CIN
WFS: SF over MIN

LDS: Braves, Phillies, Yankees, Rays
LCS: Phillies, Rays

Hopefully your playoff predictions are as off as your division predictions.

My boss is a Philly fan. Fuck him and them.
I lived in Texas for a while. Fuck me and them.
NYC? Whole lotta fuck thrown their way.
Been to the Twin Cities and caught a game in the HHH dome: fucking dump.
Got stuck in Cincy airport: fuck your closed restaurants.
Got hosed at the ATL airport, too: fucking assholes.
Tampa: never been.
SF: lovely.
Therefore: SF over Tampa.

If I based my predictions on what cities had the best strip joints I've been to it would be Tampa over Atlanta in the WFS.

Obviously you have never been to Minneapolis.

@BCTF, nope never been.

The Tuesday night cheese curd wrestling at the Eden Prarie Glitter Den is not to be missed.

NLCS: Phillies over Braves, Yankees over Rangers
WS: Phillies over Yankees in 7


@matt_T, yes, I've been there, more than once. To quote Stevie from Eastbound & Down, "Mons Venus baby!"

Also, back in the day down in ATL joints like The Gold Club, Taj Mahal, and Cheetahs were awesome.

I am not sure if it's like this in all cities but in Minneapolis there is an inverse relationship between how hot the girls are and how liberal you can be with your hands between the different strip clubs. There always seems to be a big bouncer ready to toss you at the first sign of a goosing at the high dollar places but and the cheaper ones you can feel free to drill for oil at will.

You have reached absolute bottom, BCTF. I'm going to throw up now.

Rays beat Twinkies in ALCS
Phillies beat Giants in NLCS
Phillies beat Rays in The World Fucking Series

Do they have different rules for rape in Minnesota? They must.

They have to have something to do during the winter Drew. They must keep themselves entertained!

"Do they have different rules for rape in Minnesota? They must."

That's a Hold Steady lyric, right?

No we just ice fish, eat polish sausage and sleep with our wives that are way out of our league.

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