Halladay Vs. Lincecum Part Two: There Will Be Glog

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Be very careful, Phillies fans: Tim Lincecum is driving the Giants station wagon tonight and it'll take another masterful performance by Roy Halladay to stop San Francisco from advancing to the World Series. Game Five of the NLCS gets underway tonight and our very good friend Sooze from Babes Love Baseball will be our very special guest glogger.

Normally I'd ask you to be on your best behavior but Sooze is such a sharp-witted badass that it would almost benefit you smartasses to be on your worst behavior, just so you can keep up. Press your blazers, folks. Tonight is going to be one awesome glog. See you at 8PM EDT, right after those of us east of the Rockies have watched MDT on Jeopardy!

(credit for that fannntastic GIF should go to mymclife, I think.)

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I hope Sooze makes a better appearance than she did during the WoW fantasy baseball season.


/holds hand up ready for high five

@TC, not to mention last years fantasy football play-offs.

How did you know I just got my blazer pressed? Creepy.


Can someone make a glog-on-tape so I can listen to while I drive three hours to my in-laws tonight? I don't think my wife would be too keen on me glogging by phone while I am driving with the baby in the car*
*I don't think she would ever be cool with me GBPin while I was driving, no matter who was in the car.

Everyone's hipster cred is about to get all jacked up this evening.

There aren't words for my immense love for that GIF

I am going to a wedding this weekend so I picked up my dry cleaning on the way to work this morning and it's still in my car. I drive a Blazer. So I have my dry cleaning in my Blazer. Is that close enough?

Someone at McCovey Cove made it

@Gorge, I have no hipster cred so I should be all set.

How come the Franchise has to sit in the back?

There should be plenty of fisting tonight.

I want sum. Can I get this on the AT&T scoreboard tonight?

That gif...so best.

phillas, I'm guessing no. You'll just have to settle for some churros.

It was made by a lovely young lady with the s/n of mymclife on McCovey Chronicles. Big Giants fan and also writes for another SBN Blog, Fear the Fin.

I don't want a goddamn churro.
Except to stuff my ears when "Don't Stop Believing" is played.
And this gif on a t-shirt.

I want a churro.

That gif is incredible.

Speaking of stuffing one's ears: Matt_T, I finished the "Whip My Slayer Hair" thing today. I'll post it sometime tonight.

phillas! Shame on you. Who doesn't a want churro? Churros are love.

On second thought, I do want a churro.
I'll use some garlic fries to stuff my ears instead.

Also, there appears to be a passenger in the second car. Zito?...

Freddy Sanchez Primal Scream Face will haunt my dreams.


sorry, I saved the gif but forgot to save where I got it from

The creator of that gif is probably a M-RPOA in good light.

First of all, how dare you bring up my piss-poor fantasy football/ baseball seasons?!?!?!?! Second, all I can see is Freddy Sanchez's mole.

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