Hughes vs Lewis II Lacks Sparkle of Halladay vs Lincecum II

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...but that doesn't mean the game is any less important. Just ask that horrible Yankees fan in that horrible video above. It's putting me in a trance! Love the Thriller-era Michael Jackson red leather jacket, though. Classy touch. But yes, it is true: the Yankees must win Game 6 to push this nonsense another night and give America what it thirsts for: Cliff Lee in a deciding Game 7. I am salivating at the thought.

Come back here tonight at 8PM sharp to witness the glory that is a Tuffy-produced liveglog. Our fabulous Phoenix friend was last seen around these parts killing it during the 2009 World Series and we welcome him back with open arms. After all, he glogged two very important games: the Johnny Damon double steal game and the clinching Game Six. He's practically a good luck charm for the Yanks.

Follow Tuffy on Twitter and don't hold that fact against him

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Hughes and Lewis makes the News

As a Yankees fan, I had an easier time watching them lose games 2-4 than I had watching that piece of crap.

@phillas, it's hip to be square.

I read the post title wrong the first time. I thought it said "Hughes vs Lewis II Lacks Spackle..."

My dad thought it was Huey Lewis and the Newts.

Five hours before the fact, I already preemptively don't get Tuffy's first reference.

If the Yankees let some kid named after a preppy New England liberal arts college beat them twice, they deserve to lose this series.

sequels always suck

There are few things I cherish more than a Tuffy-hosted liveglog. THIS ONE'S FOR THE WOMBATS.

Who knew that Joba had time to make a video. Is that why he doesn't come around here much anymore?

I like a man who is secure enough in his masculinity to use the word "sparkle." +1 to you, iracane.

Butter that bread, Grandma. The Rangers are winning TONITE!

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