I Feel Like Baseball Tonight, and the Next Night, And So On

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Finally, after a brutal two-night absence from playoff baseball, the League Championship Series(es?) are set to kick off tonight with the Texas Rangers hosting the New York Yankees. The Philadelphia Phillies and San Francisco Giants will start tomorrow night and we'll have, at the very least, four more consecutive nights of hot LCS action. Walkoff Walk will take a break from liveglogging this weekend but we'll be back on the beat Monday night for the big Cliff Lee-Andy Pettitte matchup in the Bronx.

To get you into the playoff mood, I've named myself your musical sommelier for the day and selected four different postseason anthems, one for each team. Sample each one and tell me which is more to your taste, and which one makes you want to drive an icepick into your eardrums, then leave your LCS predictions in the comment section.

Texas Rangers, "The Claw"

New York Yankees, "Dynamite"

San Francisco Giants, "Don't Stop Believing"

Philadelphia Phillies, "Untitled"

The Phillies' jawn is easily my favorite and I'm taking the Yankees in four and the Giants in seven. How's about you, chucklehead?

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Oh, Don't Stop Believing, how original Giants.

Jankees in 5, Phillz in 7.

Phillies in 7. Rangers in 6. BELEEB IT!

My buddy Johnny did a Phillies postseason rap. It's pretty good.

Phillies in 4 (Giants no-hit all four games), Yankees in 6 (Greg Golson ALCS MVP).

Phils in 6, Yanks in 5.

I listened to all four of those and then I Did The Claw, and by "did the claw" I mean "slammed a lobster claw through my earhole straight into my brain".

I'm avoiding those. I like my hearing.

Giants in 6, Meteor.

Yanks in 5 at the most, Giants in 7. I think I want the Phillies to lose more than I have faith in the G-men.

That giants song made my life hurt.

Texas in 6, Philly in 4
/ will have 10 times the mortgage money
/ maybe
/ buys cardboard box

I don't usually stay in on weekends and as a new guy here, I was pretty pumped for liveglog action. BOOOOOOOO!!

Rangers in 6.
Phils in 5.

Yeah, Rape and I are together on this one. Not the first time I have said that.

Rangers in 5 Giants in 6

late to the party, looking for a live glog.

NY in 6, PHI in 6

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