Out-of-Towner Confused That Locals Smoke Weed, Not Meth

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Here's Dallas reporter Newy Scruggs doing a stand-up outside AT&T Park in San Francisco prior to last night's World Series game one. Newy spots some locals hanging out smoking some wacky tabacky and cannot hold back expressing his shock and awe to the lobotomized newsreaders back at the studio.

"That's not cigarettes. That's weed. THAT'S WEED!

I think Newy just had flashbacks to that Cypress Hill show back in '92 at the Underground in Houston. Lucky for Newy's new friends, Juan Uribe's big home run last night means FREE WEED!

(via NBC Dallas-Forth Worth and Duk Stew)

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I've never seen such disgusting abuse of drugs!
/sips purple drank

In Texas they smoke Mexicans. Right Chipper?!

Demon Weed!

What's the weather like, Ollie?

I love it when stereotypes play out on live television.

What they didn't show is Newy exiting stage left as soon as the broadcast was over. When in Rome Newy.

Why hasn't that guy changed his name to Newsy? It's so perfect!

How does this man know what weed smells like? Obviously he must dabble from time to time which means his STATION GON' FIRE HIM!

I was half expecting him to say he was high on air.

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