Queens Quagmire Quickly Quashed: Mets Make Minaya, Manuel Mosey

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In what can be deemed the least surprising wholphin news of 2010, the Wilpon-family-owned New York Mets have relieved both Omar Minaya and Jerry Manuel of their duties as of today. Minaya's legacy as general manager of the team is spotty at best; his career might be best remembered for overpaying Frankie Rodriguez, putting too many eggs in Johan Santana's broken basket, and every single thing about Oliver Perez' entire career.

Jerry Manuel, on the other hand, was just supposed to be a stopgap solution, an interim guy who replaced poor Willie Randolph. Jerry did an okay job with the team he was given. If anything, we'll always remember him fondly for his botched sex change operation.

That slobbering noise you hear in the background is former Mets manager Bobby Valentine foaming at the mouth. Bobby V was recently seen dining with Fred Wilpon at an Italian resto in Valentine's hometown of Stamford, CT. Rumours are swirling that Wilpon is so desperate to sell tickets that he'd stoop to hire that lunatic from the TV set. (note: those rumours are not swirling)

Also, the Pirates fired manager John Russell, but if a tree falls on a dude in a forest and nobody is there to hear him whimper in anguish, should anyone really face the death penalty?

UPDATE: In news that I thought happened months ago, the Brewers shit-canned Ken Macha.

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Happy Pink Slip Day, everybody!

Take my manager, please!

Rumours are that Minaya's next album is going to feature the USC marching band.

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