Ron Washington's Decision-Making Falls Wrong Way

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Just like the Ian Kinsler long drive that sat atop the outfield wall before bouncing back on the field for a double instead of continuing over the fence for a home run, Ron Washington's bullpen management in a miasmic seven-run eighth inning nixed any chance for the Rangers to make up a 1-game deficit in the World Series. Washington's best reliever, young stud Neftali Feliz, was left doing Sudoku puzzles in the pen while lesser humans like Mark Lowe and someone named Michael Kirkman were thrown to the lions.

Not that it mattered with Matt Cain's fantastic performance. Cain stranded Kinsler at second with aplomb in the fifth. The Rangers failed to score against him, so every run that came after Edgar Renteria's solo homer (which I missed, thanks illegal Internet feed) was gravy. And such a delicious, meaty gravy it was.

(photo courtesy of our new pal @bubbaprog)

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Also handled with aplomb? Martha Stewart's Christmas pudding.


Goddamn necklace choking off blood to his brain.

Josh Hamilton was too busy nodding in empathy at Charlie Sheen to be productive at the plate last night.

Andres Torres is watching you poop.

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