The Song of John Sterling Home Run Calls You Need in Your Life

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Resistance, it is said, is futile. Submit now, and for the rest of the playoff season, to this entertaining ditty, "Bomberoo, Yankees". It incorporates John Sterling's infamous home run calls with an uplifting melody and a beat you can dance the hully-gully to. So, for the love of all that is Jeter, get up off your chair, put yourself into the hully-gully starting position, and DANCE:

It's so bad it's good, so good that it's nightmare-inducingly great. Check out the rest of the official MLB postseason videos at YouTube. They're all pretty cringe-worthy.

Via ShareBro Ben Kabak of River Ave Blues

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Urge to kill and to do the hully-gully rising.

"How much heat can water make?"

That doesn't even come close to making sense. How about "Waves of H2O crashing down on opponents" or "H2O: Drowning the opposition like a bag full of kittens."

Also, 'Bomberoo' describes that video to a tee.

I'd rather Roger Sterling make the calls.


@njpanick, more like Stinkeroo, amirite?

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