The Walkoff Walk 2010 Playoff Preview: Minnesota Twins

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So what can we expect from the Minnesota Twins this postseason? Well, we can most certainly count on them being the underdog, even though they have home field advantage over the New York Yankees in the ALDS. The Yankees, who backed their way into the playoffs thanks to the hardcore Tampa Bay Rays, are not only the defending World Series Champs, but they have lots of guys who are damn good on their team. Then again, so do the Twins.

Justin Morneau, My Canadian Crusher, has been experiencing post-concussion symptoms ever since his head was mangled by a wayward Blue Jay knee on July 7 and won't be doing anything but kicking it on the bench the rest of the way. I'm totally fine with that, because Michael Cuddyer, who should probably put those dimples away this instant, has been crushing it at first base.

Then there's Joe Mauer. Tall dark and wholesome. Man Muscles. I don't really need to go into great detail concerning what a total badass he is, do I? Mauer decided not to be such a showoff this season, so he only hit nine bombs and drove in 75 runs. However, he made up for that with 167 hits, including 43 doubles, and some swell game-calling behind the plate. Also, his knee feels fine, so he's going to be awesome and you know it.

Denard has been Spantastic, Delmon Young is 30 pounds lighter and swings a gorgeous bat, Jason Kubel has been irreplaceable, and don't even get me started on the infield.

Third baseman Danny Valencia. Man that kid can play baseball. And he does it best under high pressure situations, which comes in handy during the month of October. J.J. Hardy and Orlando Hudson make a super double play combo up the middle, and the bench is chock full of scrappy little guys like the head-first-diving-into-first-base-on-a-poorly-executed-bunt Nick Punto.

And then there's Jim Thome, every Twins fan's new favorite. Jim Jam plans on mashing home-made tater tot hot dish all the way to his first World Series ring, especially since his 40-year-old back is feeling much better these days.

pavstache.jpg Francisco Liriano will face CC Sabathia during game one Wednesday night, and if Minnesota wins that one, they'll rest easier with Carl Pavano, Brian Duensing and Nick Blackburn (the only starter to have beaten the Yankees not once, but twice this season) on the hill for game four if necessary.

Both of these teams sucked during the final leg of the season, which makes their momentum (or lack thereof) fairly evenly matched. Just because the NY Media thinks this series will be a piece of cake for the Bronx Bombers doesn't make it true. Didn't your mother tell you that you can't believe everything you read on the internet? Minnesota's pitching has been stellar with a better team ERA, not to mention a guy whose mustache clearly has super powers.

If you've never been to Target Field, I suggest you get your butt there as soon as possible. While you're there, you're almost guaranteed a Twins win, since they went 53-28 at home this year. Seriously though, that's pretty good. Actually, it's the best mark in the American League.

I'll be furiously waving my homer hanky Wednesday evening, slamming ice cold beers, and eating at least one sloppy Murray's steak sandwich in section 303. Come say hi!

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But what happens when it snows all over the place for game 3? Outdoor baseball has no place in Minnesota.

And haha, Brian Duensing? Now you're just making up names.

Is that NY Daily News advertising a Yankees Wild Card Championship hat on the back page? I don't buy Phillies division merch anymore. Who the hell would buy a Yankees wild card hat?!

Not sure how a team with 96 wins backs into the play-offs.

@njpan, game 3 is in NY

Also, Pavano can go fuck himself.

Well, Nick, if it snows all over the place for Game 3, then you tri-staters will have a lot of explaining to do.

"Who the hell would buy a Yankees wild card hat?!"

Rob might if it was green.

Minneapolis has an average snow fall of .5 inches in the month of October. That's for the entire month. It's slightly lower than Cleveland and slightly higher than Chicago. I wouldn't worry about having to break out the snow blowers for the game.

Well... They didn't win the division. I guess by "backed in" I meant they took an alternate route. :)

Good point, Sooze. And I messed up NY won 95 games not 96.

Since the Twins are so much shittier than the Yankees, I subconsciously assumed that the Yanks had home-field advantage. Silly me. Guess we'll have to get our snow shovels and rock salt out for games 1 and 2, then.

Nick isn't 100% retarded. It'll be colder in NYC on Saturday night than it will be in Minny tomorrow evening.

We all know what happens when we assume, now, don't we?!

It's 75 and sunny right now in Minneapolis. What's it like in the NY area?

I think that the humor and sarcasm radar is working in the greater northeast.

I think we all need to just get drunj and sing Bon Jovi songs, right Iracane?

Looks like you beat us there Ed. Look at you, misspelling 1 word by 1 letter, clearly indicating that you must indeed be drunk.

Twitter search is your friend, TartanGrasshopper...

That closeup of Liakos doesn't do his catshirt justice.

Twitter is for journalists Ed....oh wait...

Although I've been wrong before -- probably several times since I've gotten up this morning -- I'm pretty sure there are 8 teams in this year's baseball playoffs.
Guess since it's been so long since the Rangers were in the playoffs no one remembered to add them to the playoff preview list.
That's what happens when you rarely see the playoffs and are non-competitive when you do get there.

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