This Is the Season of Second-Guessing and Shoulder Shrugs

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When playoff time comes around and the crisp, autumnal chill descends upon our American ballparks, the cold feelings of remorse and regret follow quickly after any loss, be it close or of the blowout variety. The only thing that fans of losing teams have to warm them on mornings after sad outcomes is the wasted heat energy generated by brain matter that over-analyzes every managerial move. I know this to be true. There is a second-guessing, coal-burning oven in my noggin as I type this emitting all kinds of irrational ideas and carbon monoxide.

We are all Wednesday morning bench coaches; we are all op-ed columnists and television squawking heads. At our water-coolers and on the Twittersphere, fans and non-fans alike will look back and judge. What do we judge? Every damn thing, from the fastball left too high to the jamooks who lean over outfield walls to the cable outlets who don't protect their video equipment well enough. But more than anything, we judge the discretion and decisions of managers, and usually give them far too much credit for both success and failure.

For the second night in a row, the Texas Rangers piled run after run upon the recently beleaguered Yankees bullpen, turning an otherwise close game into a huge blowout. So when we look back and write our history of Game 4 of the 2010 ALCS, do we judge Yankees manager Joe Girardi for leaning too hard on his 'pen or not leaning hard enough on the relief crew?

Was Girardi's decision to intentionally walk David Murphy ahead of eventual game-winning homer-hitting Bengie Molina a mistake? Or did his error lie in the fact that he didn't call on warmed-up reliever Joba Chamberlain to pitch? Did Girardi mismanage the 'pen later in the game by asking Boone Logan to retire Josh Hamilton? Or was Hamilton simply too good for any Yankees reliever to retire?

All of these questions, whether or not you have a good answer for them, are rendered moot by the final score. So instead of second-guessing a manager, or cursing the bad timing of Mark Teixeira's hamstring strain, perhaps the Yankees fans are better off shrugging their shoulders when they try to understand why everything went wrong.

Or better yet, Yankees fans ought to look at this shockingly dominant Rangers team and tip their caps. The Rangers can pitch, the Rangers can hit. They did both last night with far, far better results than the Yankees. So Girardi made a couple bad moves, but in the end, it was all for naught. Texas is a hot team and even the cold-hearted jamooks can give credit where it's due.

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...even the cold-hearted jamooks can give credit where it's due.

None of last night's jamooks have any credit. How can you build up a credit rating when you live in your nana's Staten Island basement and spend all your money on Yankees playoff tickets?

I'll give credit where credit is due, other than one inning the Rangers have done everything right in this series. The Yankees had plenty of chances to win that game last night. Leaving 8 on base is not good,

It's easy to blame Girardi. The intentional walk didn't bother me too much. Murphy has had more success against the Yankee than Molina. They gambled and lost, it happens.

At this point I'm just grateful the Yankees still have a chance, if not for the game 1 comeback there is no game 5 today.

If/when the Yankees lose, at least Yankees fans won't have to listen to the tired "they bought another championship" bullshit.

These Yankees games remind me of the Cardinals' losses to Houston and the Cubs in August. Just ugly.

I am not sure if anyone mentioned this last night but Jamook #1 looks like Daniel Tosh

"OOHHHHOHHHHHOHHHHH WHAAAAT HAAAAAAAPENED???" So much douche happening in that Yankee Fan gif. I love the old fat dude in the back, repeatedly screaming expletives.

That gif is so douchey my computer put a hat on sideways and ordered three jagerbombs.

That gif almost makes me glad the Rangers won last night.

Yankees are done, no team can win 3 games in a row.

@The Colonel, the difference is that Texas is a good team, but yeah just ugly games for the Yankees.

Lee vs. Lincecum in game one of WS is going to be great.

Well Artie, certainly the Yankees can't win 3 in a row. But if you're playing the Yankees, well hey then, you know you're gonna win the series.

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