Through The Power Of Song, Tim Lincecum Somehow Becomes Even More Awesome

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On the same day that Rob somehow condensed the playoffs into a series of anthemic power-ballads, another video was posted with the power to capture our bandwidth and our hearts. To attempt to encompass it's brilliance with the limits of the English language would be suicidal. As mortals we must merely behold...and surrender to it and the infinite awesomeness of its Freakish muse. SING, GODDESS!1

1 First Homeric reference on WoW?

A lot of Coke Zero to the ever-awesome 'Duk at Big League Stew.

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Like the Sirens song, I can't stop listening.

First Homeric reference on WoW?

You kiddin'? This site is nothing BUT a bunch of homers.

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