Thursday Night Liveglog Club: Phillies @ Giants, NLCS Game 5

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timmy.jpgOh boy are we in for a treat.

Big Time Timmy Jim is on the AT&T Park hill tonight against everyone's favorite OB/GYN, Doc Halladay. Honestly, I can hardly contain my excitement.

Tim Lincecum is like the pot-smoking Joe Mauer of the National League to me. In short, he's a man after my own heart who also pitches for a living in a crushingly-dominating-adorable sort of way. Plus, he strikes people out all the time. Everyone knows K is the sexiest letter in the alphabet.

Of course, that doesn't mean I dislike the Phillies. Roy #1 threw a no-hitter a couple weeks ago, and who can argue with that? Jayson Werth's beard is really good at baseball, as is Chutley and Big Brown. Ross Gload is also amazing... Please don't make me choose.

P.S. I learned from Al Leiter today that Cody Ross is more or less "Sorry Doc" spelled backwards. Very interesting.

...and glog.

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