Tuesday Night Liveglog Club: Rangers @ Yankees, ALCS Game 4

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The Giants and Phillies are set to start the third game of the NLCS under the San Francisco sun any moment now, but let's look ahead to the thrills of the night: it's the Rangers and the Yankees in the fourth game of the ALCS, starring A.J. Burnett, Tommy Hunter, and Francisco Cervelli! The stars at night are big and bright, deep in the heart of the Bronx, amirite?

The Giants have invited indie-rock cover boy Ben Gibbard to sing the National Anthem and he's bringing along his twee lady Zooey Deschanel to croon God Bless America. The Yankees, on the other hand, counter with some dumb country singer and someone named Patrick Wilson. I told you, they only bring in the true stars in New York City. (/tugs at collar awkwardly)

Also of note: Matt DeTura continues his reign of terror over the Jeopardy studios tonight, so check your local listings. It's a busy TV night and if I catch you watching "Glee", I'll suspend your commenting privileges.

So join us at 8PM to liveglog the only game of the day I can actually watch on my television set. See you then. You too, lobster baby.

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Can't wait for the Giants Manic Pixie Dream Girl night next year.

Free ticket if you have bangs (bros included)

I've got work tonight, but enjoy Round 2: MDT vs. McLovin. You'll see what I mean.

Emily > Zooey

Also, let's hope MDT and the Yankees unleash the fury tonight.

matt_T, saw your post about mastadon bones today. Check this out.


Patrick Wilson? You mean, like, the drummer from Weezer?! Talk about random...


That "dumb country singer" is a former Army Ranger who has done a hell of a lot more for this country than you ever will you ridiculous oxygen thief.

It should come as no surprise that Joe Buck is a HUGE fan of Glee.

Oxygen thief. He's like the Hamburglar, but he steals AIR.

Umm, sorry jbras, but I pay more in taxes than an army ranger makes in a given year. So technically, no, that dumb country singer has not done more for this country than I have.

How bout you pay some of those taxes my way Chief? I being a poor college student and all.

Hey, chief, what do you figure the dumb country singer is bringing down these days "strumming his banjo"? I'd bet its at least comperable to what you're making.
By the way, off the top of your head do you know who sang the National Anthem back on Memorial day there in San Fran?
Staff Sergeant Thomas is a decorated officer in the United States Army, college educated, and has a grasp of music theory beyond what most people realize exist. Doesn't sound to me like some dumb country singer. I suppose when you keep in mind your source, some dumb blogger, things are brought into perspective.

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