Walkoff Walk #HEIST Attendee's Life Is In Jeopardy(!)

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This is Matt DeTura. You might remember him from the 2009 Walkoff Walk Field Trip: the Citizens Bank Heist or the 2010 Walkoff Walk Field Trip: the PNC Park Heist. But after tonight, he'll be far more memorable for either winning a massive amount of scratch or disappointing millions with a distant third place finish when he appears on the popular syndicated quiz show "Jeopardy!".

Matt actually flew out to Los Angeles from Pittsburgh just a day after the 2010 Heist to tape his episode(s), so if he wins big bucks, we can slap each other on the back here at the Walkoff Walk offices knowing that we helped Matt relax and prepare for his big day. Of course, if he falls flat on his face and flops, we'll take credit for that, too, and send him a bouquet of dead flowers to apologize.

Tune in tonight (check your local listings) to see Matt aka MDT test his mettle against two chuckleheads and the non-mustachioed Alex Trebek. Check out his "Hometown Howdy" video over at the Jeopardy site and then enjoy the special message Matt recorded specifically for the Walkoff Walk readers.

So hit the bricks, Phil Catelinet. There's a new #HEIST attendee to make a splash on television and, hopefully, he'll walk away with a gigantic bag of Money Baby.

UPDATE: He won!

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Jeopardy comes on at 5 Central in my area, so don't ruin it for me on Twitter.
You know who you are.

Holy crap, I'm excited. I hope you kill(ed) it tonight MDT.

Jeopardy comes on at 4:30 so I will have to set my DVR at lunch. I am so old school that I can't set my DVR from my phone. What is this? The 80's?

Nice job of framing your comment in the form of a question. TOPICAL!

Matt's FFB team "unleashed the fury" on mine this weekend so I hope he lost on Jeopardy. Just kissing, hope he kicked some ass. On up here at 7:30, so my girls better be asleep by then.

And ... DVR'd. Is it wrong to say I hope he wins big, but misses a baseball question so we can give him shit about it?

Baseball Records for 1000

A: Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron and Barry Bonds

Q: Who are´╗┐ 3 people who have never been in my kitchen?

A. This website was the first in the United States to report on two baseball players that would eventually become the first Indian-born professional players.

Q. What is Bleacher Report?

I'm glad I bet the under on "first Deal With It GIF". MADE MONEY ALREADY

Honestly, I don't remember a damn thing from the show aside from Final Jeopardy - I know there was at least one embarrassing question I either missed or really should've buzzed first on. So I'm also excited to see exactly where I sucked.

Actually, Colonel will be the FIRST one to see the show, since virtually everywhere on the East Coast airs it at 7 or 7:30. Except North Carolina, where a couple of my best friends are getting pre-empted by a Senate debate. Bastards!

I want to find whomever came up with the phrase "Hometown Howdy" and punch him square in the face.

Next week, I'll be appearing on Wheel of Fortune. The week after, Matt T is going on WHAMMY!

The street team is going on Family Feud in a month.

When will Rob be on Cupcake Wars?

So jealous.

Wait, MDT was in the car with Junior Seau when he drove it into Cliff Lee?

Preempted by the debate. Can't I just vote for Rendell again?

Cool blog, including the lively comments! Just want to throw in that I write a blog about Jeopardy! An entry about Matt's episode will publish tonight at 9:30 Central at thejeopardyfan.com

Dude, the leader was killing it until Alex put her in her place. MDT MDT MDT MDT MDT.

Nice work MDT. I love that the "90's female pop star category jump started your run. I am guessing the NJ garbage one is the one that you regret not getting.

Spoiler alert: Jeopardy is hard.

MDT! MDT! MDT! MDT! Nicely played, good sir.


Just finished watching MDT kick ass on Jeopardy. Score one for the paisan.

btw, where is the live glog action?

Haven't seen it yet, but way to go, MDT!

Photoglogging the wedding week if anyone is interested:


Required to have a tumblr account to view it, Chief?

You are all wonderful people.

To hell with Paula Abdul.

BCTF: I got an incredible amount of shit about that one at the bar. I WAS BUZZING. You can see the grief on my face when Sara beats me there.

Open to the public, Phillas. This will work if the other one didn't:


BTW, congrats MDT. I've failed that test numerous times. Nice bit of work.

I hope you studied your foods that start with Q for today's show.

I am so glad you beat that cocky woman and her grandiose hold-the-buzzer-well-above-the-waist-so-everyone-can-see-and-confidently-flip-it-everytime-I-ring-in ways.

Nice work, MDT. I was on Jeopardy a few years back, and losing it has been one of my great shames, considering i felt like I knew more than the person who beat me (but I got out-buzzered). This was especially frustrating since I would have cleaned up the next night when no one knew a bunch of easy questions, including a very easy final Jeopardy. You're living the dream.

Jesus christ, ANOTHER commenter was on Jeopardy? I am the dumbest in this joint.

/sees BCTF is still hanging around

OK, SECOND dumbest dude. But still.

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