Weekend Questions

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Hey kids, it's an angry world.

  • ARE the earlier start times for this year's WS games a direct result of the syrupy pablum that Bob Costas and Ken Burns dribbled all over us earlier in the week? The "for the kids" argument always annoys me. If you don't let your son or daughter stay up an hour or two later than usual for the World Series once a year then you probably aren't much of a baseball fan to begin with.

  • IS Omar Minaya going to get canned along with the definitely going to get canned Jerry Manuel? Jon Heyman says so, but that dude's a speculating speculum.

  • CAN the Giants clinch tonight against San Diego, or will the Pads come storming back to sweep the weekend and save their season? Not likely from a team that blew a 7 game lead in about 3 weeks.

  • DID you catch Will Carroll's farewell column at BP this week? There'd be no Creampuff without him (not that there's really a Creampuff anymore, but whatever) and even though I ripped him off he was still kind enough to write a column for us once and appear on Furious Five. So happy trails Will, in whatever your next endeavor may be.

  • SINCE when do I know enough about the minor leagues to be a voter in the Bus Leagues Baseball Postseason Awards? Since they asked me!

  • DID you read Drew's new column at The Score about those woebegone Padres? I KNEW YOU WHEN YOU WERE LLOYD!

  • WERE you shut out of Matador 21 this weekend (like me)? Stream it here all weekend.

  • WHERE to begin with this week's Cruise Planners News? The change in setting? Paul looks like he's on location at a factory that makes the plexiglass for hockey rinks. Is he drunk or just heavily medicated? A BODYBUILDING CRUISE??? All in favor of Rob planning his honeymoon through Paul say "Stock Soptions."

That's it for a relatively slow week around these parts. Monday we start running our 2010 Playoff Previews done by the WoW staff and a few very special guests. The postseason is coming, people. We'll have you covered in our special weirdo style. We love you like that. Same WoW channel.

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I volunteer to do the Cardinals playoff preview. I'll need audio capabilities for all the fart noises.

An hour or two? World Series games were ending at like midnight on the East Coast. If your son or daughter's bedtime is 10pm and they aren't 5 months old or in high school then I wholly support DCFS knocking on your door.


OCTOBER BASEBALL!!111!!!oneoneone

SLOW DOWN, SON! WE CAN BARELY UNDERSTAND YA! Naturally, the one Cruise Planners News video that's not horribly out of sync is the one they recorded in a bunker or something...

And allow me to echo Matt's sentiment: OCTOBER BASEBALL!!111!!!oneoneone

This is painfully/delightfully evident every week, but PAUL IS BREATHTAKINGLY BAD AT HIS JOB.

What's October Baseball?

One of those fads you were really into in the 90s, Chief.

4 days ago

How many Rental Cars They Have.´╗┐ I wish I was there when it comes to Rental Cars.

@xLuiKangx007 there's approximately 10 major´╗┐ companies
cruiseandlandtours 3 days ago

You KNOW that guy's an idiot when he misspells his favorite Mortal Kombat character's name for his handle. It's "LIU KANG", dammit!


The other thing I was into in the 90's? Mrs. Liakos.

...and if my math is correct... comedy from the 70s?


If you need a write up on the A's and their last-minute effort to finish below .500 and in 3rd place, let me know. I'll make it dope lol.

You know what else was funny in the 70's?

Pubic hair?

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