An Open Plea to the Mets and Pirates: HIRE THIS MAN

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You Mets, you Pirates, you represent the only two teams lacking a field manager as the free agent season has already commenced! What's the holdup, eh? Take your Clint Hurdle dreams and Terry Collins wishes and cast them to the wind, dear Wilpons and Nuttings, because Bobby Valentine is ready, willing, and able to lead your men towards a glorious 83-79 record!

Why should we care so much about Valentine's return to the MLB managing world? Well, if both teams neglect to throw millions of dollars away hiring Mr. Valentine, the rest of us will suffer the pain of potentially seeing Bobby V. take up the third mic in the ESPN Sunday Night Baseball booth. Quelle horreur! This could totally happen!

It would be far more enjoyable for us fans of other teams to have Mr. Valentine idly strolling through sunflower-seed-strewn dugouts, waiting for the chance to emit a silly soundbite during the middle of the fourth inning instead of gabbing for nine full frames from the catbird's seat next to Shulman and Hershiser. For the Mets or Pirates to take Bobby V. away from the four-letter network would be a boon to our eyes and ears. We beg you, teams without a manager. Call him up, ask for a Club Mex....he'll be all yours.

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It's like you're allergic to FUN.

I'm pretty sure the Pirates would assassinate Joe Morgan and give Bobby V $15 million to go 83-79.

That's an easy 50 grand in elective surgery right there.

I wonder if he could get a fake mustache surgically attached...

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I'm a Mets fan, but... Bobby V again??? ;)

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