Buster Posey Is a 23-Year-Old Rookie of the Year, and Married

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Did you think Jason Heyward should have won the National League Rookie of the Year award? Me too! No matter, Giants catcher sensation, former Florida State Seminole, and Tiger Beat heartthrob Buster Posey has edged out Mr. Heyward for the award, despite playing fewer games due to a Brian Sabean-inflicted late call-up, and despite clobbering far fewer baseballs to oblivion. Posey received 20 first place votes to Heyward's 9, and beat him 129 points to 107 points overall.

Posey is the first San Fran Giants player to win since legendary pitcher John Montefusco snagged the award in 1975, narrowly beating out future HOFer Gary Carter. So, life ain't so bad, Jason Heyward fans. Gary Carter!

In other, more boring American League news, Neftali Feliz won that thing. Good for him.

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Still (heart) you, Jaime.

Not sure if Gerald shoulda won ROY honors over Jason. Like deciding between Fat Tire and Blue Paddle. Both are awesome.

I can see voting for Buster because his position is much harder as a rookie, and he put up stellar numbers. But Heyward was such an important part of this Braves team and from day 1.

like phillas said you can't go wrong either way

That's a pretty chill way to look at it, Matt.

Congratulations Buster! :)

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