Buster Posey Is a 23-Year-Old Superstar Champion, and Married

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These lovely young lasses ditched their philosophy midterms and bared their midriffs at the Giants victory parade yesterday in downtown San Francisco. They spelled out P-O-S-E-Y in support of their favorite young catcher, former Florida State Seminole Buster Posey, a candidate for the National League Rookie of the Year award. Everything is coming up Posey lately, which begs the question: why is this 23-year-old soon-to-be superstar with the Tiger Beat good looks and aw-shucks charm already married?

Buster, a native of a rural Georgia town that only recently got its first supermarket, married his high school sweetheart last year. What a great story for a happy young couple! Local boy makes good, comes home, gets hitched to the girl next door. And then just 18 months later, half the female population of the greatest city in the USA is going absolutely gaga over the kid.

Here's wishing good luck and many happy returns to Buster and his good ladywife. The temptations of the road (and, I guess, the home crowd, too...giggity) are many in number but the path of the honest man is righteous and true.

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"Married his high school sweetheart" is code for "brings huge buckets of sand to the world's finest beaches."

To be fair, Posey was stuck in San Jose and Fresno so long that he probably got married out of sheer boredom.

If Posey had been a Yankee under Jeter's guidance he'd still be single.

Jarrod Saltalamacchia wants those girls' mothers' numbers.

The "E" girl needs to lay off the Ghirardelli chocolates and the Anchor Steam.

"half the female population of the greatest city in the USA is going absolutely gaga over the kid."

The other half of the female population is going gaga over Lady Gaga*


*Whoever that is

No one is sexually attracted to Lady Gaga.

Ma ma ma ma my Posey face.

@BCTF, she must be pissed that SF has banned McDonald's happy meals. Stay crazy SF.


Forgot to mention all the gay guys in SFO going nuts for that hot twink catcher. Also, they like Buster Posey.

Happy meals = Bad
Weed = Good

Only in San Fran

BCTF: Tuesday I voted. Voting place: Asian spa. Walked outside, to the smell of weed.
Yes, only in SF!

/Posey face

Did you voting experience end happily?

That would have been my Burrell face.

The aforementioned Mr. and Mrs. Posey, along with Mike "secret hobgoblin" Fontenot. Who knew that Fontenot spends his offseason in The Shire?

Nice work, Nick. Fontenot kicked the shit out of the coverage.

Also, are we going to discuss the absolute hideousness of the Giants Parade T-Shirts? (only $24.99!)
I can only assume Iracane has a whole week of posts devoted to lambasting these things.

The Giants should have their titled stripped because of those shirts.

I ordered the Clubhouse t-shirt because it is tasteful and gray.

Also tasteful and grey: Sir Michael Caine.

You know what else is tasteful and gay? Sir Ian McKellan.

Oh. Tasteful and grey/gray...

You know what is tasty and gray? Brook trout.

Posey is married? sigh! Well, good luck to his wife!

Posey is married? sigh! Well, good luck to his wife!

Guy Clark is married? sigh! Well, good luck to his wife!

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