Drew's Sweet Spot Means No More ESPN-Bashing Around Here

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Send some congratulations to our own Drew Fairservice for his big move to Rob Neyer's SweetSpot Network over at ESPN. Drew will fill the role of Blue Jays blogger and occasional Rocco Baldelli worshiper for Mr. Neyer, whose blog is the only thing I still read on the four-letter website, because it is thoughtful and it is free. Just like Walkoff Walk.

Do Drew a solid and follow his ass on Twitter and add his site to your RSS feeder-readers.

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Congrats, Drew. Pour a little extra gravy on the poutine and help yourself to a Molson XXX while I work on of my list of Canadian stereotypes.

Congrats, Drew. Save some leadership pickles for us.

I guess this explains why Drew was too busy to re-up the WoW fantasy basketball league this year. Congrats, Drew. Kick some ass over there.

Good for you, Drew. Remember us little people on your climb up the ladder.

Way to go, Drew. BTW, you're now one step closer to being authorized to euthanize Murray Chass by the BBWAA.

Great job, Drew. Be polite and eat maple syrup.

NJ am I doing it right?

Chief where are you? Gimme that stew recipe again with Guinness.

Actually did a French style stew this weekend that frigging rocked, Fartie. Worked improv style but basically used lots of lamb, a little veal, garlic, parsley, leeks, cannelini beans, cippolini onions, peas and carrots in a chicken stock and red wine base. Also involved a little flour, olive oil, salt, pepper and herbs de provence.

Chief don't tease me with culinary tails of improv. You gave me a recipe once with Guinness and I made it and it rocked. I want said recipe again or I will fly to Cleveland and will force them to get rid of CC Sabathia and Cliff Lee.

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