Fake Ump Leslie Nielsen Had More Credibility Than Real Ump Joe West

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We will miss the late Leslie Nielsen, the best comedic actor of his generation, a Canadian, and a man whose humour was drier than a Sham-Wow. Here's his famous clip from The Naked Gun where Mr. Nielsen's character Lieutenant Frank Drebin impersonates an umpire to protect the Queen from programmed assassin Reggie Jackson. Not sure why I'm explaining the plot to you, dear reader, who in order to read Walkoff Walk must, by law, have seen said movie at least 25 times. I saw it thrice in the theaters during its original release!

Anyway, I'll leave it to Larry at Wezen-Ball to figure out how many balls and strikes Drebin called correctly. That seems like the kind of gig for a fella who calculated Charlie Brown's career VORP.

We salute you, Mr. Nielsen. Shoulda been you, O.J. Simpson.

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"Shoulda been you, O.J. Simpson."

I'll second that.

I have seen "The Naked Gun" exactly, once. In all fairness, I wasn't even born when that movie first came out. So...yeah...

My best memory of Leslie Nielsen is actually, a science video. I think I was a junior in high school and we watched some video about how amazing and complex life is even in your backyard. It was a live action documentary so he served as host/narrator. Of course, even in education his humor couldn't be kept out as he was quite clumsy in the video. They even resorted to the old stepping on rakes gag.

Really sad news--I think most people (most guys, at least) born between the mid-60s and mid-80s, will always hold him dear in their hearts.

We still have George Kennedy and Jay Johnstone, though. DON'T SLEEP ON JAY JOHNSTONE.

I may sleep on Jay Johnstone, but I'm gonna sleep WITH Armando Fershoni. Fershoni.

Let us not forget his role in Surf Ninjas.

Police Squad was awesome, Fellow old guy Gorge surely remembers it. Don't call me Shirley!

UU, those Police Squad endings still slay me.

And, UU: Don't call me Shirley.

I remember watching Police Squad when it first aired. I thought it was hilarious; my Grandpa thought it was a serious cop show.

With all the dagos that read this site no one jumped on the "good quality, longer" headline in the Youtube video? FOR SHAME!