Here Are Your Winners of "The Man who Managed the Team We Writers Expected the Least Out Of Because of Presumed Market Disadvantages" Award

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Or, as you lay people call it, "Manager of the Year". Folksy mustachioed Twins doofus Ron Gardenhire in the AL and Padres skipper Bud Black, who beat out our favorite Dusty Baker by one measly vote despite being listed on one fewer ballot than our man Dusty, in the NL. Dumb award. Means nothing. But had Dusty won, we'd be setting off rockets right now.

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These BBWAA dudes are total racists. They must be teabaggers. Why else would they vote for two white guys?

I was going to object to Gardenhire being called a doofus... but then I remembered most managers are doofuses (doofi?) so I thought better of it. Also, I like that word.


Seriously, Gardy over Ron Washington? What kind of crack are they smoking?

I'm sorry, how horribly insensitive of me. What kind of cocaine are they snorting?

Dusty has a fever and the only cure is more toothpicks.

Incidentally, I just looked up Corey Patterson on baseball-reference, and I was pleasantly surprised to see you sponsoring his page. Very nice.

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