Join Walkoff Walk In Fighting Hunger

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UPDATE: We'll donate $25 more to Feeding America if 25 people comment on this post by 3PM EST.

It's the day before Thanksgiving here in the United States which traditionally brings your pals here at Walkoff Walk to think once again about the needy in our country. We are thankful for all the wonderful gifts that we are lucky enough to have; we are thankful for friends and family; we are thankful for the clockless game that is baseball. But there are people starving all over North America. This is a social injustice that can and should be the easiest thing to solve.

After all, there is certainly enough food out there to feed the hungry. Folks just need some help, and that's where kind-hearted volunteers and charitable people come into play. So pony up, you middle-class citizen! GIve give give!

In the past two years that we've asked our readers and friends to donate some cash and/or actual goods to food banks, I've wondered how many of you actually listened to our begging and followed through. After all, we are small potatoes in terms of reach on the Internets. How could we WoWies make a difference?

Well, I suppose that even if just one of y'all did something because of our silly blog post, then it's worth the bits and the bytes and reproduction of the following listicle. Here, then, are links to food banks in all your MLB cities (and even Toronto!). Do your best, and thanks.

If your city or town isn't represented here, head on over to Feeding America. Thanks for reading; let's hope that by the time we all sit down for Thanksgiving dinner, there are millions of folks who can take their names off the list of the hungry.

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Also, fuck your yams and stewed prunes. Give food you would eat.

I gave $25 to North Jersey Food Bank with clear instructions not to blow it all on pasta fazool.

Give a blogger a fish...

Canned shrimp in a treadmill


Insert obligatory Derek Jeter comment here.

Insert obligatory "I'm blogger, y'all feeding my family" comment.


So what we're saying is "Keep your peanuts, old man."

Nice work guys. Another suggestion, my daughter's kindergarten class collected toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothpaste) for our local food bank. Apparently they can also use those to distribute to shelters.

My other daughter's pre-K class at our church does the food drive and right around the corner Toys for Tots. Great way to teach charity at an early age.

Happy Thanksgiving WoWies

I have to work tomorrow. Does that count for anything?

I have to work tomorrow too Phony. Ironically, in a grocery store. Making sure all those lazy bastards who forgot Thanksgiving was tomorrow get their food.

Same here. Although I'll be in the beer room, making sure all those lazy bastards who forgot it's Thanksgiving was tomorrow get their beer. And when I'll leave, it will be with all kinds of delicious, delicious brew in my arms.

So, all in all, not bad. And: double time!

If you won't listen to Rob, then please try Matt Damon.

So wait. Rob is Damon and Kris is Clooney?

Damn you phony. Damn you. I'm a month shy of 21. At least come Christmas I'll get to walk away like that.

Aw. You guys are so full of the milk of human kindness and watermelon beer.

Obvious charity comment is obvious.

Just donate the $25 already, Iracane!


I second the call for you to turn over the peanuts forthwith.

Pardon me, elderly person of the male persuasion, but could you do me a kind favor and surrender the peanuts on your person so that I may possess them?

I'll donate as long as none of the food goes to Melky Cabrera.

I'm donating Guy Clark records.

Was that a Guy Clark Reference?

I'm donatting watermelon for the beer. And some SF (world champs) smugness. DONATE IT ICARANE.

That's 22 individual commenters and 29 comments. Lets go people.

Pitcher wins are important.

Getting closer...

(Nice work, Rob!)

It's only 12 in LA. This counts, dammit!


I can't wait to eat Mom's cheese potatoes!

Just made it happen with Oregon Food Bank. Hope you all have a happy and safe Thanksgiving.

By the way Iracane, the Pirates released Dinesh Patel!!!