Rangers Blanked Again, Sad Fan Lets Out Mighty Yawp

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Via the 30fps blog comes this heart-crushing tableau of one seriously angst-filled Texas Rangers fan, as seen on FOX last night. Her team of choice was shut out for the second time in the series becoming the first World Series participant to put up a goose egg twice since the 1966 Los Angeles Dodgers.

And that was during the pitching-dominant '60s! This past season may have been dubbed "The Year of the Pitcher" but consider that 1966 World Series in comparison: only fifteen runs total were scored in that four-game sweep by the Orioles! The last two games were both tidy 1-0 Baltimore wins. Those four games were not an outlier in that era.

Back to the future, the Giants' young rookie Madison Bumgarner put up eight scoreless innings last night as he joined Game Two's starter Matt Cain in pitching a short shutout against these suddenly worsening Rangers. To wit, Texas has only put together a multiple-run inning three times in thirty-five offensive frames. As a team, they are slugging a miasmic .309 with a mere eight extra-base hits. Among their starters, only rookie Mitch Moreland is outperforming his regular season numbers, giving the myth of "playoff experience" a swift kick in the patoot.

So really, that poor girl is justified in her screams of hopelessness. The Giants now have three chances to take the title, the first of which comes tonight with two-time Cy Young winner Tim Lincecum on the mound against Cliff Lee, who the Giants shockingly chewed up and spat out in Game One. If they get to Lee again tonight, that young lady won't be the only fan emitting a primal scream.

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She really wasn't upset about the game. She was just in character for Halloween. Her costume was the Linda Blair character in The Exorcist.

Texas' offensive woes have robbed us of the one joy I would have taken from this World Series - watching Brian Wilson implode on baseball's largest stage.

Dear njpaNick: SOUR GRAPES

Someone needs to photoshop her head onto this


She looks like she could be Nancy Pelosi's great great grand daughter. Great great grammy is going to be pissed that she is rooting against her team that she pretends to like now that they are winning.


She only really looks like Nancy Pelosi if you're from a place where the Swedes make Norwegian jokes.

Your comment looks like 75% of my mail these days, BCTF. I blame you. I JUST WANT HARDEE'S COUPONS!

Q: Why do birds fly upside down when they are going over Norway?

A: Because it's not worth shitting on


For 2 seasons, I have watched people tear Brad Lidge to pieces (and with good reason). I guess I just wanted to be part of the 'in' crowd.

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