Roy Halladay Can Now Say He Has Cy Young Awards. Plural.

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As expected, Philadelphia Phillies starter Roy Halladay, he of the 21-10 record, the 2.44 ERA, the 219 strikeouts and the, oh yes, postseason no-hitter and regular season perfect game has won the National League Cy Young award. Roy ended Tim Lincecum's two-year reign of terror as titleholder and he even won unanimously!

Really, good work, voters! The man had a K/BB ratio of 7.3, almost twice that of the runner-up, Josh Johnson. He had nine complete games and four shutouts and averaged 7.6 innings per start. And for your traditionalists out there, Roy led the league with 21 wins despite pitching for a team that struggled so badly offensively in the middle of the season that a popular Phillies blogger went on a hunger strike. WHAT MORE DO YOU PEOPLE WANT.

But no matter, the guy can now lay claim to multiple CYAs, which is so much better than just one. Amirite, Bartolo Colon? Roy Halladay won his first Cy Young Award as a member of the 2003 Toronto Blue Jays. Over the next six seasons, Roy hovered near the pinnacle of American League pitching success, finishing in the top five of the voting four times, including his runner-up showing in 2008 to Cliff Lee.

Congrats to Roy on the big win.

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Perhaps people in this city can take Mike Vick's wang out of their mouths long enough to recognize Roy's accomplishment. Congrats, Roy, and thanks for a hell of a year.

Downballot nonsense: the top four finishers in the voting are the same as the top four leaders in wins. WRITERS STILL HAVE A YOOGE BONER FOR WINS.

Rob, that will all be proven for all of eternity tomorrow when ya boy wins over King Felix.

It will (perhaps rightfully) get lost in the shuffle, but voting for Tim Hudson ahead of Josh Johnson ain't right.

It will (perhaps rightfully) get lost in the shuffle, but voting for Tim Hudson ahead of Josh Johnson ain't right.

Rob, in which world does 5th equal runner-up? Adam Wainright came in second, josh johnson is waaaaaaaaaay down on the list.

I can't believe they left Guy Clark off the ballot.

Everyone who competes in something and does not win is considered a runner-up. 2nd place is first runner-up, 3rd place is second runner-up, etc.

The more you know, smartass.


I have never, ever heard that in my life. I've always just heard of runner-up for 2nd place. Sometimes these things happen...

NJ -

I have never heard of that before. I've always just hear runner-up for 2nd place.

Even so, by your saying, he should've said 4th runner-up for Johnson.

So lets leave the snark out of this.

I don't know why there's two comments seeing as I never hit submit on the first one...

Guy Clark hit submit for you

Knew I hated Mr. Clark for some reason...

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