Wins? Who Needs 'Em! King Felix Wins the Cy Young Award

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The 2010 Seattle Mariners can finally place a shiny, red bow on a season that had otherwise turned out to be a steaming pile of miasmic doo-doo. Super-scintillating-sensational starter Felix Hernandez has won his first ever Cy Young Award in a close vote, beating the runner-up David Price, by a whopping 56 points. King Felix garnered 21 of 28 first place votes, far more than I had expected. Price and CC Sabathia split the other seven amongst themselves. Hernandez was named on all ballots but some schmuck put Felix fourth on his ballot while some total schmuck had him fifth.

Felix outpaced the rest of the league in pitcher WAR in 2010 and finished first or second in almost every major pitching category. Except, you know, wins. Because the 2010 Seattle Mariners offense was, in a word, miasmic. Can't blame a fella for not getting run support especially when the presence of the designated hitter specifically prevents said man from striding to the plate.

Most importantly, the editors of Walkoff Walk can finally place a checkmark next to one of our preseason predictions! We missed out on the Dusty Baker award by one measly writer vote yesterday and got screwed out of the NL Rookie of the Year Award prediction because of Buster Posey's twinkish good looks but oh, what a successful prognostication by us on this one! Woo, us! Woo, Felix!

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Thank the miasmic lord.

Sanity in the BBWAA. Who knew?

First Joe Morgan is usurped from his post, and now this? If I didn't know better, I'd almost think that the millions and millions of words devoted to elevating the statistical analysis of baseball were working!

But I thought wins are the most important stat? Glad to the BBWAA get it right. King Felix deserved to win.

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