Canadians Are Always Goofy As Shit: Blue Jays Edition

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Happy Classic TV Friday. Here are a bunch of videos of people from Canada in the 80s and 90s that are loosely related to baseball. One has Mookie Wilson but all of them have Canadian people being as goofy as humanly possible. Please to enjoy.

"I like to see Kelly Gruber swing his hips." Said here in 1990 and then not again until his orthopaedic surgeon sent notes to his physical therapist last Wednesday.

How about a tribute to the 1993 World Champs set to the tune of the "Always Coca Cola" song that you'd tried so hard to forget? Stephen Sondheim would be spinning in his grave right now if he weren't surprisingly still alive. Listen to those consonants get stressed in the wrong places!

If only my friends could have nickel for everytime they hear me say "That's together like George Bell" over the next few weeks.

My work here is done. Next week we'll all feast on the low hanging fruit that was The Expo Fan.

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I'm pretty sure the hat the guy at the 0:14 mark is not officially licensed by MLB. Worst Blue Jays hat ever.

"That's together like George Bell." I have no idea what the hell that means and I love it.

After watching that Coca-cola spot, I'm not sure how the Coke Bottlers ever sold another drop of soda in the Delaware Valley.

Oh right, there was no youtube in '93, so nobody south of Erie was likely to have seen it.

This provides some pretty good comic value as well:

Exactly how did the Jays win it "their way", as that Coca-Cola ad says? By flaunting the rules of baseball? By cheating? By being from Canada? I'm confused.

Next week we'll all feast on the low hanging fruit that was The Expo Fan

Ugh, does that mean more posts from Jonah Keri? WE GET IT YOU LIKE THE RAYS.

Jonah Keri and Rays fandom are together like George Bell.

God I loved the nineties. Good times.

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