This Tweet In Baseball: The Seasonal Affective Disorder Meetings

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Here's some inside information from one anonymous baseball writer not currently wasting away in Orlando: nobody likes going to baseball's Winter Meetings. Not the caffeine-addled writers, not the beleaguered general managers, not the attention-starved agents and not even former MLB reliever Tom Gordon who I heard tossing softball questions on Sirius/XM's MLB Network Radio last night. Nope, it sure seems like a pain to drag your ass onto a plane just as the holiday season is swinging wide open and hang out in a hotel lobby for sixteen hour stretches with a bunch of other doughy menfolk.

All for what? To recycle rumours and spread speculation? There are only so many stories in Mickey's gulag. I realize that getting a tasty hot item is worth its weight in retweets in today's nouveau instant journalism but for those of us casual fans in the Twittersphere who just want to be entertained, who are we to follow?

That's where Walkoff Walk's semi-irregular "This Tweet in Baseball" feature comes in. This week in, we'll point out some of the good Twooters and, in the interest of fairness, some of the, uh, less good ones. To the microblogs!

Yankees beat writer Mark Feinsand tries his hardest to get a scoop from Cliff Lee's agent, who, by his presumably paraphrased quote, does not possess the ability as a human being to express the emotion of astonishment. But Feinsand smartly corrects a prior story about Brian Cashman's whirlwind travel schedule, so we'll give him a pass on this one.

But sometimes, the gossiping gets to be a little too much. Nobody wants to read the same chit-chat over and over again on the Twittersphere. ESPN writer Molly Knight took a step back to evaluate the stinky reporter-filled lobby at the Dolphin Hotel and, without spreading nasty blind items of her own like, "Which baseball blogger was spotted washing his undershirt in the public mens room?", she opines with this:

Of course, the only thing worse than reading the same gossip over and over again is reading about a baseball writer dealing with the security lines at the airport. (See also: Lennon, David) And what's the deal with airplane food, amirite! Truth is, there are enough of your friends following the major national writers so if you don't want to miss these squawking heads' breaking news tweets, just wait for some other schmo to retweet the news.

Some of the national writers who I've previously derided, however, have improved their Twittering skills greatly of late. One of these folks is Ken Rosenthal, who is thoughtful enough to credit other writers when talking about trades, smart enough to correct his earlier errors, and self-deprecatingly funny enough to poke fun at himself when giving some dude a smackdown. Us short folks gotta look out for one another, so I'm giving Ken a FOLLOW.

Another national voice giving us the news we want to read is Big League Stew's own "Answer" Dave Brown. Sure, it's a bit gossipy but, personally, all I ever want to read about is where Dusty Baker is eating. I need not implore any Walkoff Walk reader to follow Dave because you already do follow the guy. But a note to anyone who might ever see Dusty Baker at a TGI Friday's or Old Country Buffet: tweet it and let me know!

My favorite writer tweet of the Winter Meetings so far, however, has come from Biz of Baseball's Maury Brown. It just illustrates exactly how awful it must be to attend this confab and why folks like me are just happy to poke fun at those who actually make the effort to attend and report the news. Maury, either pick up some Breathe-RIght strips or smother your roommate with a pillow!

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hang out in a hotel lobby for sixteen hour stretches with a bunch of other doughy menfolk

That reminds me, I can't wait for next year's #HEIST.

I feel bad that Maury's employer will not allow him to have his own room. MAURY IS A GROWN-ASS MAN, BIZ OF BASEBALL BOSSES.

heyman is the worst.

I bet Maury is even more pissed off that he just signed a lease to live with this guy for a whole year!

Tune in to "The Biz Of Livin'" Wednesdays on the WB.

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