Your Long Overdue Rinku and Dinesh (and Truck) Update

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Sad news to share, folks. One of our Million Dollar Arm-ed heroes has lost a job he worked so hard to earn: Dinesh Patel has been cut by the Pittsburgh Pirates. This yatra has ended with tears and an A.J. Burnettesque ERA:

Patel, a right-hander, appeared in nine Gulf Coast League games in 2010 and had an 8.59 ERA in 7 1/3 innings.

GAZAB! To be sure, it was never really about Dinesh; he did not win the Million Dollar Arm competition and probably only accompanied winner Rinku Singh to the USA in the role of sidekick. You know, someone to make Rinku feel less homesick. Someone to share a whopping plate of ribs or hang out with in Barry Bonds' house.

Things are looking better for Rinku, however, as he's earned a roster spot on the Canberra Cavalry in the recently reformed Australian Baseball League. It's a short season, just ten weeks from November to January and it's located in, are you ready for this, Australia. To help you understand what baseball is like in Australia, imagine if Kevin Brown came out of retirement and got a job with, say, the Sydney Blue Sox, had a terrible outing and smashed up another toilet. Since the game happened south of the equator, the water would swirl in the opposite direction. Get it?

Let's check in on Rinku and see how he's doing:

Canberra's Rinku Singh, who won a reality TV program in India that gave him a contract with major league club Pittsburgh, walked (Itaru) Hashimoto when the bases were loaded for Aces left field Josh Davies to make it 3-1.

Whoops, not a good way to make a first impression with your new team, mate. Cheer up, though, at least you'll get a good payday from the Rinku & Dinesh feature film.

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Professional baseball in Australia? Dinesh had better watch his back.

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