Baseball Before Bedtime and The Dutch Oven: Together Forever in Hell

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Can you believe that we used to be service-y at Walkoff Walk and provide you with actual baseball news and game recaps? I know, what a crock of nonsense and marmalade! But it's true: every morning for well over a year, we used to provide a daily roundup of baseball games that ended before I went to bed, simply titled "Baseball Before Bedtime". During the offseason, we used to dump out some transaction news and rumormongering inanity in a daily piece called "The Dutch Oven". These features are long dead and thank goodness for that: they were not exactly fun to assemble and probably couldn't entertain the simplest of readers.

Kris and I originally thought it would be funny to write "Baseball Before Bedtime" as a dream journal, where one of us would recap some of the games we saw before we went to sleep and then, instead of recapping the West Coast games, we'd write a fictional version of the game that was intertwined with whatever we dreamed about. In the end, perhaps the best decision we ever made was to abandon the entire lucid dreaming idea after the 11:39PM entry from Kris' late night Opening Day liveglog:

11:39: I am floating above some sort of convention. There are all kinds of different booths, tables and displays. I am trying to make out what kind of convention it is but I am unable. I am concentrating so hard I don't even notice the giant spinning fan blades feet ffrom my head. I scream and shield myself but i go right through. Suddenly I am talking to my father, but he's not really my father, he's a cactus. We're at the Beach House show I went to last night.

Instead, we kept with the "before" bedtime concept, pairing the short recaps with a song title about sleeping and a photograph of a slumbering child. Which once again proves my theory that one of out every seven Walkoff Walk posts contains a photo of either a baby or Dusty Baker. (see the first ever Baseball Before Bedtime and marvel at its dullness).

By August 2009, I grew tired of the concept and, after BBB's final edition, transitioned into the Monday Morning Movement Memo that documented the race for playoff positions. This, too, died off (in less than a month!) and morning recaps disappeared from the site forever.

Nobody noticed.

During the previous winter's offseason, I debuted The Dutch Oven to track the daily comings and goings on major league rosters during what laypeople call "the hot stove season". But we could never really compete with all the clearinghouse rumormongering blogs out there with this daily listicle. If we wanted to serve our readership better, we should have just put stew recipes in the Dutch Oven posts. Regrets! We've had a few!

Why the depressing look back? Well, after yesterday's reader gladhanding, I feel like I needed to bring my head down from the clouds. To that end, I say this much: these two features stunk on ice and I'm glad they're dead.

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The exquisite joy of writing game recaps at 3am on a Friday night - I DARE YOU TO MATCH IT.

Gladhanding is what makes the world go 'round, Rob.

I enjoyed BBB in fact. I just figured you stop writing it because you got bored with it, and it's your blog-rerogative, and oh well, what can you do?

I thought you gave up writing BBB once your meth addiction kicked in.

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