Ending the Podcast Was a Rousing Success, Great Decision

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Folks, I'm glad we got the gang back together for one last Furious Five Radio Show last night. We had more live listeners last night that in any single show since our debut episode in March 2009 (not including the massively popular All Star Glogcast). I sometimes make fun of that bore Darren Rovell when he takes away all the joy of sports by bragging about TV ratings and whatnot, but it was a real joy to see so many of youse guys turn out to listen to four nerds prattle about nonsense.

Perhaps the highlight of the 52 minutes we spent together was when Kris had to duck into an ATM lobby to escape the inner city noise tableau only to have to duck out ten minutes later when some loudmouth New Yorkers started yakking in the background. This is how we do. And this is how our fans want it.

Missed the show last night? Here it is again, embedded for your pleasure:

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You guys forgot to mention that I am as handsome as I am clever.


Would you settle for "a gentleman and a scholar"?

Drew observed that the CiL Liveglogs deteriorated into "weird bizarre in-jokes and random 90's hip-hop references." Why mince words, Fairservice? Come out and say it: I'm not welcome here anymore.

You say deteriorated, I say evolved, like the ending of 2001: A Space Odyssey.

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