Every Great Legend Needs a Ridiculously Boring Creation Fable

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As the end of Walkoff Walk's reign of terror draws near, our thoughts turn back to the beginning of this vast undertaking as we ask, "How did we get here?" or "Where did the blog name come from?" or "Who are these people, anyway?" I don't have all the answers, but I do have a nifty search feature in Gmail that allows me to travel in time, three years to the past, and listen in on some conversations between two towheaded young proto-bloggers.

Back in January of 2008, Kris and I had extended extemporaneous conversations about how we could title the baseball blog that was about to spring from our collective consciousness. We wanted an original name but nothing that sounded awkward; we wanted nothing that would prevent us from parking our ass on a good domain name. So, in the spirit of that great piece of metaphorical fiction, the Book of Genesis, we present to you "The Creation Myth of Walkoff Walk", in which Rob and Kris think up a blog name in six days and spend the seventh day looking for a weekend guy so we can slough off.

As first mentioned in the One Year Anniversary post, my original intention was to name the blog "The Clockless Game" because, you know, baseball has no game clock and it sounded exceptionally highbrow snooty-snooty. Clockless! Look at our hard-to-pronounce name! Luckily, Kris informed me just how lame it was:

Kris: people are going to call us cockless though

Rob: hahaha
is that a dealbreaker
being cockless

Kris: i dont think so
it can definitely stay on the list

Rob: alright

Kris: and it's better than anything we have so far
I'll conduct some focus groups today

Rob: we cant be clockless.com tho
it'd have to be clocklessgame.com

Kris: what about Clockless Orange

Rob: really?

Kris: do you get it?
because oranges dont have clocks

Rob: uhm

Kris: i'm just kidding

Good thing we didn't end up using that or else folks would have accused us of stealing it from The Dugout. Which would be half true.

So by this point, Kris and I were brainstorming columns and features but still we had no name for our baby. Other ideas we bandied about were either already taken or just as awkward as that clockless garbage: Ghostrunner or some derivative. Sandwich Pick dot com. Brock for Broglio. LOLThurmanMunson. UmpHump (because we like to hump umps). Banjo Hitters. PatMyListach.com. Just A Bit Outside.

And then, inspired by Sally's suggestion that we use "Walkoff something", lightning struck my brainspot:

Rob: WalkoffWalk.com

Kris: Yes.
Walk Off Walk

Rob: yes?
do we have a yes?

Kris: i dig it

Rob: woo!

Kris: yes

Rob: WOW
hold on let it sink in for a minute
oh i get it
no i was going wow like wow!

Kris: i really like it

Rob: fantastic

That's it. Not the most fascinating story or the greatest name in the history of Blogsylvania but "Walkoff Walk" has provided us with quite a decent brand. Except for the times when we talk about "WoW" and folks start asking about World of Warcraft. Christ, we may be nerds but we are not dweebs.

Later, we'll learn about the origins of the shrimp-on-the-treadmill video and how it relates to the blog's name. Which begs the question: what half-baked meme would we have spawned if we had named our blog "Pat Border Patrol"?

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Good thing you stayed away from something hacky like Ghostrunner.

I can't wait to learn about the origins of the cat shirt.

Which of you is Jesse Eisenberg and which of you is Andrew Garfield? AND ONCE AND FOR ALL WHICH OF YOU IS MORE CLOONEY?!?!!!1111?

That's all fine and good, but where do lobster babies come from?

Checked my Gmail, found what is apparently the first conversation regarding me writing here:

Rob: you are never ever ever allowed to write for Walkoff walk
Rob: unless you retract that gossip girl post
me: no way it's awesome

And I did not retract the post and never ended up writing for Walkoff Walk. The end.

This story is like the Birds and the Bees, except for hipsters.

folks would have accused us of stealing it from The Dugout
And that never happens around here.
/glares at CHIPPER

You left out the opening of that little chat session:

Rob: A/S/L?

How bout that time I got excited to see a car with a WOW sticker? "It's for your blog!" Thank you Rob for actually cluing me in on the real meaning of those stickers...

Thanks for the naming credit kids, glad I could help move you away from being cockless.

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