Happy New Year! Walkoff Walk Is Shutting Down!

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Yes, the rumours you've been concocting and spreading with wild abandon are true: the original and best ever blog about baseball and the human condition is closing up shop and leaving behind a wasteland of broken hearts and blown minds. As of our third anniversary on January 31st, Walkoff Walk will be no more.

But that's four weeks away, you say! Good calendarial skills, I say! That can only mean the WoW editors will write FOUR solid weeks of actual content here at your favorite baseball blog as our farewell gift to you, dear reader. Get ready for one last "Creampuff" and one final "This Tweet" and some more of your favorites, including some horseshit you hated the first time around and we never did again. Now is time to dig up those corpses and re-animate them to your dismay; that way you won't be so sad to see us go.

And we will go. This ain't no tease. We can no longer provide the stringent baseball esoterica that you readers need and crave so much, and for this, we apologize. I know last month I said we'd never apologize, but I can't help but be sorry for leaving you good people left lacking what with all the wonderful feedback we've gotten in three long years. So just this once: sorry. We'll never apologize again. We can't. We'll be long gone in four weeks.

But don't soil your pants quite yet, folks. My spiritual guru always told me that if you love something enough, it will never completely disappear. And since we love the community here at Walkoff Walk, we will never let it perish completely: we must preserve the HEIST! If there's one reason to keep the homefires burning in the co-located WoW servers in a subterranean, air-conditioned computer room somewhere in the foothills of the Appalachians, it is to preserve our annual baseball field trip. So, the 2011 HEIST will be happening, location and date to be determined.

And it will be amazing.

We'll delve into more formal goodbyes and maybe even give you a good excuse as to why we're leaving you as the weeks go on. Until then, keep your eyeballs glued to your computer monitors. Same WoW channel, for now.

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No me gusta.

I am too embarrassed to detail just how sad this news makes me.


Can I list you as a reference?

So long, and thanks for all the shrimp. Lord knows I'm gonna be rooting for Walkoff Walks from here on out...

I'm gonna miss you knuckleheads.

If it weren't so difficult to navigate around the archives, I'd probably be doing that all day.

Oh good, this falls right in line with my New Year's resolution to enjoy the internet less.

This is uncalled for.


And your Blogsteps will always be there
Among America's Greenest Fields
Your server has burned out long before
Your legend ever will

Bit ott that.

Well bye (in a month) to friends and other random weirdoes from the other side of the deep blue yonder, in this area of the blogosphere everyone is welcome, that's what i like about this place so much and i expect i'll still some random tweetings out of some of you.

I'm late to the party and I don't wanna leave yet!

Aw, frownies.


If I weren't proposing later today, this would make me sadder.



I know I never really commented here, just on Twitter, but I read everything. Baseball season won't be the same without you guys.

Wow, didn't take Sally long to cut Rob's balls off, did it? What're your excuses Catshirt and Drew?

Chief, you are incorrigible. And the size of a dirigible.

I'm wearing black for a year.

I'm the Boog Powell of WoWie commenters.

Whoa whoa whoa, let's go back to Phony for a second.

Just ask surprised when he asks, Clare.

this is horrible and painfully expected.

i won't miss you because to me you won't be gone.

So this is what it sounds like when doves cry.

I hope we can still all get together for the WoW fantasy baseball and football leagues.

@phony, good luck.

Things that will end soon, in declining order of importance:

1. Walkoff Walk
2. This bag of delicious Wasabi Cashews on my desk
3. Brett Favre's playing career

Good luck, Phony! May your marriage be a delicious as Nick's wasabi cashews.

Good luck Phony. Make sure and hide the ring in something edible, but not wasabi cashews.

Oh good luck, Phony. And definitely wipe any wasabi dust off of your fingers beforehand. If you tear up and wipe your eye, the powder will burn like hell. I know from experience, I was eating them when I read this post.

/So wistful

No words.

Should've sent a poet.

Thanks, all. Any minute now!

Seriously, though - this blows.

This makes me sadder than finding out Chili Davis never played for the Pirates.

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