Our Final Furious Five Radio Show Will Leave You in Tears (of Joy)

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Join us tonight as we bid farewell to the Furious Five Radio Show, our audio answer to a question nobody ever dared to ask. The WoW crew is going to join forces via the magic of telephone and broadcast our final show LIVE.

Back when we started the podcast in March '09, Kris and I wanted it to be a five-minute show where we talked about five topics in ridiculously fast fashion; unfortunately, the shortest show we could select on the platform was fifteen minutes. Being the loquacious dorks we are, that turned into thirty minutes and eventually culminated in a three-hour live All Star Game Glogcast this past summer with over 20 guests.

God, what a couple of boring windbags we are.

Odd, innit, that the good people at Blog Talk Radio have chosen February 1st as the date when they will start charging you actual money to host podcasts during prime-time hours. If we'd been more consistent (hi, Joe Morgan!) with our podcatting sked and chosen to continue the site past February, this Blog Talk Radio "premium account" mumbo jumbo would really throw a twig into our fixie wheel. Our Google Ad revenue can barely cover the hosting fees!

But alas, our final show tonight will cost us nothing to produce and cost you, dear reader/listener, just sixty minutes of your valuable time to enjoy. Join Drew, Kris, Dan, 310toJoba and me tonight at 9PM EST as we take a walkoff walk down a memory lane paved with shrimp and babies.

After the jump, the embedded Blog Talk Radio player and the lyrics to the greatest podcast theme song ever written:

Listen to internet radio with Walkoff Walk on Blog Talk Radio

"We don't give a shit what you think
We're not askin your permission
We're gonna talk about baseball
And the human condition

We got Rob
And Kris
And sometimes, Lloyd
We're gonna do you in an alley

We don't mean that literally
We mean that conceptually

Hey hey cut that jive
It's the Walkoff Walk Furious Five
Hey hey whattaya know
It's Walkoff Walk
Furious Five
Radio Show"
-Kris Liakos

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I'll only listen if you'll be discussing Top Chef. Perhaps a Top Chef pregame, if you will.

Who the fuck is Lloyd?

To quote the "legendary" Hawk Harrelson: "DADGUMMIT!" I gots an open mic to run while this goes down. But I'm one of probably five or six who actually subscribed to it via iTunes, so I imagine I'll get to listen to it tomorrow...

Dadlyfe commitments preclude my active attendance, but I will catch up tomorrow. I hope we finally find out who shot J.R.

I told a friend I wouldn't hang cause I ain't neva heard a WoW podcast and this is the last one so make it worthwhile, suckas.

Milwaukee Heist. Do it.

There's another verse?! What the heck is going on?
Long live Furious Five.

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