Reader Appreciation Day: Farthammer Remembers

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In yet another stroke of self-aggrandizement, we editors of Walkoff Walk have asked our most devoted readers and commenters to contribute short essays about how much they love us. Some responded positively. Others, not so much. Today, we'll highlight some of the positive reflections. Here is star commenter Farthammer, the only Oakland A's fan anyone knows, with his memories:

"I totally don't remember how I heard about WoW - I assume it was back when I still read Deadspin regularly. Maybe when Rob left there, he linked to WoW? Maybe I was searching for Whacking off Whitepeople photos on Google, as I was wont to do back then in my spare time. Regardless, I found it. I then discovered that it was about my favorite sport, and THEN I discovered that just like at ESPN, there was a large East-Coast Bias. I had to rectify that by talking about the A's. Nobody really cared for a while.

Then I dropped Cakies on you motherfuckers. Yeah, you cared now about me and my A's, didn't you? Fucking yellow cake mix cookies and shit all up in your company. Christ, NJPANick has huge hands. Like Andre the Giant...or a Facehugger from Alien.

A few moments really stand out when I reminisce while listening to PM Dawn: (Look these stories up in the archives for smiles and possible boners)

The first is when phillas crashed my wedding. Yeah, THAT happened. I had jokingly told him when and where it was in the weeks leading up to it in the comments section, but kinda forgot about it. But he actually showed up and it was hilarious.

I also got tasked by Rob to attend an Olde-Timey game in San Jose with phillas. We drank beer in the parking lot and then reported on the game. I think some people from the actual game popped up in the comments section and corrected my mistakes.

And how could I forget meeting Rob in person? He and his fiancee and some friends (that other chick totally wanted to bone, too. phillas knows what I'm talking about1). We drank good beer, saw a Giants game in about 45 minutes (I think there were 3 hits total), then drank watermelon beer and IPA in a can.

Finally, there were thousands of small moments that I look at fondly. Liveglogs. That picture I sent of Josh Hamilton wearing the Ron Washington shirt that got put on the website. Creampuff posts. Shrimp.

On the real, though - this website brought a bunch of random, anonymous people together in a really cool way. I consider a lot of these people I never even met to be friends. That might sound weird, but it's true - think about how many countless hours we have spent making each other laugh. I would bet a lot of you spent more time talking with us than your coworkers. Which is good, because Pam in HR is kind of a bitch, and Tom in Marketing is probably gunning for your job.

I hope someone starts up another blog so I can keep in touch with you all. And I hope someone reminds me of what your already-existing blogs are called, because I forget.

1chick did not actually want to bone."

Want to share your memories of Walkoff Walk? Leave a comment or drop us a line.

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Look at the starting lineup for the Giants that day. That team won the World Series.

Drew: how dare you scoff John BOWKER and Matt motherfucken DOWNS. I kill you.
A lead-off two bagger by Fartie. Nice work. I don't have a blog for you to follow, but I know where you live.

fartie and phillas I'm going to be out your way in April with a bro going to baseball games.

mini heist 2k11.

I've used the Cakies recipe to my advantage on numerous occasions, and for that I am in your debt, Fartie.

Insulin manufacturers across the country thank you for sharing that Cakies recipe, Fartie. And I thank you for your love of Yay Area hip-hop. ANT BANKS WHATTUP.

Fartie, thanks for the cakies recipe. My wife will make them every so often. It's why I stay married to her. You and cakies saved our marriage. Seriously, you are one of the funniest mofo's here.

Fartie, my mother added the cakies recipe to her recipe book. The sentence "Mixture will be thick, much like my johnson" is immortalized there.

Just thought you'd like to know that.

That's awesome, Fartie. Viva cakies!

Matt_T - lemme know when you are out here. We can go to Giants games and beat up farthammer.

As you know, Fartie, I passed that recipe along to my (then prospective) mother-in-law including the famous "thick johnson" line. She not only blessed the marriage, she (and all the aunts, women talk) now hugs me uncomfortably long and close on the holidays. For this I thank you.

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