Reader Appreciation Day: GorgeForeman Remembers

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In yet another stroke of self-aggrandizement, we editors of Walkoff Walk have asked our most devoted readers and commenters to contribute short essays about how much they love us. Some responded positively. Others, not so much. Today, we'll highlight some of the positive reflections. Right now we head out to the Pacific Northwest to hear from Seattle Mariners fan GorgeForeman, a real class act through and through:

"PROLOGUE: I have never figured out how CHIPPER happens, and I don't think I want to know. Just understand that I think whoever is responsible should win some sort of global award.

Like many WoW regulars, I followed Rob and Kris from Deadspin. In fact, the handle "GorgeForeman" came from me frantically trying to come up with something clever in order to make a guest comment (or whatever they were called back then) that I thought might impress Rob enough to give me a commenter account at DS (it worked--the commenter account part, not the clever part).

Walkoff Walk was definitely more my speed, anyway. I've always loved that this blog can be funny and snarky without resorting to out-and-out meanness. It speaks volumes about the tenor of WoW that so many guys and gals came over from another site, and continued to comment here for three years. Not to overstate things, but it's sort of a familial community at WoW. I'm one of the elder statesmen here, and even though I don't really know any of you, it's been quite a joy to experience big news about people getting engaged, getting married, starting new jobs, moving, having babies, etc. And I think that's why all of this feels so much like a funeral.

WoW has been a nice diversion for me over these three years, and I feel like it all but saved my life 15 months ago, when I was constantly traveling for work and at my end with a number of things. Almost nightly I would land in a new hotel in a new city or town, exhausted and missing my family terribly, but I'd fire up my laptop and have a blast following the games with everyone else on the postseason glogs. Viva wombat! Oh, and my all-time favorite glog was the one when all youse guys presented me with a graduate-level course on the Jersey Shore (this was prior to "Jersey Shore"). Fascinating!

You commenters really are fantastic. You are funny and smart, and you have taught me so much about music, baking, and recreational drug use. Surprisingly little about baseball, though.

So to Rob and Kris--and to everyone who has made this thing go, including Dan, Drew, and "310toJoba"--thanks for the fun. In no one else's honor will I ever again construct a crude, musical slideshow featuring Roger Mudd.

Bon Voyage,
David R.

PS I still hate Darren. And Carlos Silva."

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You commenters really are fantastic. You are funny and smart, and you have taught me so much about music, baking, and recreational drug use. Surprisingly little about baseball, though.

Exactly. I feel this goodbye lap is also a goodbye to the best comment section on the internet. Sad times.

Good stuff, Gorge.

Rob must not have my new email address because I didn't get an essay request.

I totally agree with Dave and David. This is, frankly, the only sports blog I comment on regularly. I'll really miss this place when the games actually start... but at least we still have Twitter, right?

I feel bad. phillas and Gorge were way more heartfelt than me.

Matt_T - lemme know when you are out here. We can go to A's games and beat up phillas.

@Farty, nothing could ever be more heartfelt than your Cakies recipe.

Wow, Gorge gets the vaunted noon slot. Makes sense, his tribute was likely the most coherent. The rest of these things will likely just be screenshots of a defaced Dabbleboard from 2009.

Panick, I think they're getting the left coast garbage out of the way early and saving the East Coast for prime time. BIAS.

Agreed about these comment sections. Probably the only one on the internet I find intimidatingly funny.

I think Rob put you guys first so that you'd have something to read while you sip your morning sizzurp.

Jesus H, I had forgotten all about the dabbleboard.

We getting maudlin already? Fine. I genuinely like all of ya. Iracane press-ganged me into reading the site as condition of having my Deadspin commenting priveledges reinstated (again). I came here looking for the real SuperMike (still think it's you, Liakos). Stuck around for the commenters. Been fun and the Heists must continue so I can carry on the tradition of cancelling at the last minute.

I had totally forgotten about the Wahoo vs. SuperMike battles!!! Seems like decades ago.

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