Reader Appreciation Day: Jerkwheat Remembers

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In yet another stroke of self-aggrandizement, we editors of Walkoff Walk have asked our most devoted readers and commenters to contribute short essays about how much they love us. Some responded positively. Others, not so much. Today, we'll highlight some of the positive reflections. Tigers fan and D.C.-area resident Jerkwheat is now up to bat:

"I want to feel sadness over the closing of WoW, but mostly I just feel rage and anger. This is primarily because Rob and Kris talked me into spending $1500 on a new designer liveglog blazer with assurances that it would be useful for "years to come". Now I see it was just a way for me to line the pocket's of Iracane's goomba mafiosa family and their "tailor" business.

Other than ridiculous blazer expenses, my fondest WoW memories are of the Heists. Meeting a large lot of you all, getting black out drunk with you, sharing buckets of chicken wings whilst singing Danzig - these are the memories we take with us, children. Catshirt appearing magically in a haze of dirt and PBR in Philly. Rob getting dealt with in Pittsburgh. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania secretly ordering the shutdown of the website in exchange for the return of The Colonel to Missouri. Those are the moments I will cherish forever.

Also, Catshirt saying the 2008 Tigers will score 1100 runs. THIS WILL BE OUR YEAR."

Want to share your memories of Walkoff Walk? Leave a comment or drop us a line.

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At least you didn't buy the matching fedora, Jerkwheat. $400? The thing was lined with asbestos.

The liveglog blazer will be put to good use at the annual WoW reunions.

/assumes their will be a reunion.

I can't believe this post does not have a #queefcore soundtrack.


At least your post got a picture of a REAL man. All I got was some ugly SF tranny.

Now who the fuck is supposed to be BLB's blog boyfriend? Now we're going to die old and alone with 13 cats and no WoW. Thanks.

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