Reader Appreciation Day: NJPANick Remembers

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In yet another stroke of self-aggrandizement, we editors of Walkoff Walk have asked our most devoted readers and commenters to contribute short essays about how much they love us. Some responded positively. Others, not so much. Today, we'll highlight some of the positive reflections. Next up is NJPANick, formerly known as Honeynut Ichiros and a true trashy Phillies fan from South Jersey:

"It's impossible to fully wrap one's head around all of the many reasons why Wezen-Ball is one of the most cherished sites in the baseball blogosphere. Wait. This is supposed to be about who? Walkoff Walk? Oh, um, ok. If you're a fan of recipes and babies in costumes and shitty hipster rock, BOY OH BOY is this a sad time for you, friendo. Walkoff Walk is the preeminent destination for lobster outfits and chicken roasting. And that's probably why I'm so sad that it's going away.

Like many of the long-timers around here, I found my way over thanks to a Deadspin link. It read something like "Rob Iracane and Camp Tiger Claw are starting a baseball blog. Go check it out while it lasts." So I came here mostly out of spite because Iracane never approved me for a Deadspin commenter account. "Go comment on that prick's blog," I thought. "Make tired Anchorman references and talk about your fantasy team. That'll show him." But then I got here, and it was so damn charming and funny, I wanted to bring it home and meet my mom. BUT JUST FOR COFFEE, no shenanigans.

So here's a quick listicle of what I'll miss about wow, in no particular order. Why a listicle? Because I'm lazy and hacky, much like the actual content on WoW! Plus, I can 'get away' with poor grammar and awful syntax! Much like the actual content on WoW!

  • Where else can we go to mock Dale Murphy's pudgy kid, and then get berated by a bunch of random yokels?
  • Without WoW, Graeme Lloyd's wave of Aussie terror will run unchecked.
  • I'll never get to be an on-the-scene reporter again, like I did during the 2008 WFC parade in Philly. (a special shout-out to AT&T's can-and-string network, which sent all of my communiques to Rob in one fell swoop).
  • How else will I pass the time on Wednesday Afternoons? 89 liveglogs were half-assed on this here site. That's at least 178 hours of lost productivity from our nation's corporations.
  • Who else would organize a meetup of internet commenters who chant for shellfish during the game's key moments?
  • I can guaran-damn-tee you that no sane blogger will ever give me the keys to the place again, much less sit and watch as I turn a playoff liveglog into a mid-90s hip-hop jam session. SOUL 4 REAL 4EVA
  • And CHIPPER. Oh CHIPPER. I'll miss you the most.

I owe a debt of gratitude to Rob and Kris (and every other schmoe who 'worked' here). You guys made this corner of the internet a warm, fuzzy place for baseball nerds who otherwise would have been trolling the boards at BleacherReport. And although we won't be able to come here every day and gab like housemarms, we've got Twitter and Tumblr to help bridge the gap, which will have to be good enough until someone buys the right to and starts a nonsense blog just so we can talk about our kids and our cats."

Want to share your memories of Walkoff Walk? Leave a comment or drop us a line.

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That was excellent. As was the hip-hop takeover--NICK EVEN TOOK REQUESTS.

That liveglog was confusing as hell and I enjoyed every moment of it...

...except Soul 4 Real. They sucked.

This was well written...for a man with giant, cakie-encrusted hands.

I just like that I'll be remembered for changing my screenname from a hacky fantasy team name to an indecipherable combination of my locale (nj/pa) and my name (nick).

Oh and also for my monstrous hands. Can't forget them (and yet I can't palm a basketball).

I thought njpanick was a reference to when beetles start mutating and take over Trenton

This is easily the best eulogy to Wezen-Ball I've read. Thank you, njpanick. You touched me emotionally.

Well done. And many thanks to Kale (as he's known around here) and the Dago for many lulz. Well done, fellas.

I'll miss njpanick making accusations about me eating at The Old Country Buffet.

Accusations founded in TRUTH.

Thanks for the laughs NJ. You will always be my Candy Rain.

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