Reader Appreciation Day: Phillas Remembers

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In yet another stroke of self-aggrandizement, we editors of Walkoff Walk have asked our most devoted readers and commenters to contribute short essays about how much they love us. Some responded positively. Others, not so much. Today, we'll highlight some of the positive reflections. Here is our resident San Francisco Giants fan, commenter Phillas, whose history at Walkoff Walk is so intertwined with his West Coast compatriot Farthammer:

"I don't know how many other idiots commenters were asked to write something for this post, so I'll keep mine short. Thank you fine men for three years of good writing. Going through 3,298.2 postings at the WoW Archive Warehouse and trying to find my particular favorites wasn't working for me. I would just want to link to the articles in which I was featured anyways.

What brought me to the site was the wit of Rob and Kris. What kept me coming back was that the site didn't focus on one team or one facet of baseball, but consisted of articles that appealed to a fan of the game. The posts were a collection of intelligence, humor, and cleverness, without being shrill or hackneyed. I won't create a listicle of all the great features, but I will say I enjoyed the liveglogs (Tuffy should get a shout out for his exceptional work). From them I added 'whoopsiedoodle' to my vocabulary. The "Creampuff," "Tweet in Baseball," and "Classic TV Friday" should have been compulsatory reading/viewing.

The site also afforded me the chance to meet the other West Coast WoWie, Farthammer. How many people get to say that? Lastly, what I took from WoW, literally, was the gif for the Wil Cordero Memorial Linkpunch.

So thanks to Kris, Drew, J, Dan, and Rob for all their smart/fun/horseshit postings over the last three years. If you are ever in San Francisco (WS Champs), there will always be watermelon waiting for your beer."

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I'm glad Phillas stopped instigating fights in fast food parking lots long enough to pen his thoughts. Keep punching pregnant ladies, friend.

I tried to make some sort of snarky joke/comment about watermelon beer, but I couldn't. It's snark-proof.

I can't wait to crash phillas' and Farthammer's wedding. It's just a matter of time out there in California. Enjoy that WS championship phillas.

I loved that, within 90 seconds of the Giants winning the World Series, there were about 20 "CONGRATS PHILLAS" tweets in my timeline.

For those who haven't met him, that's phillas in the photo.

Mom has been encouraging me to turn gay ever since she heard I know a scientist.

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