So It's Come To THIS: Another Walkoff Walk Classic TV Clip Show

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I second everything Rob said in last week's post. Searching for Classic TV Friday clips was one of my favorite blog related things to do. Back when I wrote a lot it was like a mini vacation. When I wrote less, I fooled myself into thinking it was an actual post. In any case, we saw lots of dope shit together, didn't we? I hope historians someday recognize the WoW Collection™ as an important contribution to the curation of stupid old baseball videos. Here are some faves.

Honorable mention goes to Joe Torre Flips Out - 1982, one we posted in July of '08. If it wasn't my favorite it sure was close, but unfortunately the video has been taken down. I'll make a batch of Cakies for anyone who can read the description in that link and find it for us.

Babe Ruth, Home Run On The Keys, June 13, 2008:

Playball Toy Commercial, July 3, 2008:

Will Clark Screams Like a Maniac, August 8, 2008:

Lucky Strike Cigarettes, February 27, 2009:

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Ah, nothing's more baseball than Babe Ruth, healthful cigarettes, and a screaming Will Clark.

Don't forget latchkey kids, phillas. They are an important part of the baseball cocktail.

I could do 5 more of these.

That's what she said

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