This Tweet In Baseball: The Final Tweetdown

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Truth be told, we did not invent "This Tweet In Baseball". We only innovated it. In the same way that a new product can always be made by slapping a beer bottle opener on an already existing product, we took the concept of collating tweets from famous people from the good folks at and slapped a beer bottle opener on the side. Oh, and we presented the tweets of baseball players, beat writers, and general gadabouts like Tommy Lasorda.

And technically, none of the editors at Walkoff Walk even came up with the idea of porting Eater's feature to the arena of baseball. That credit goes to top commenter NJPANick, so thanks Nick!

"This Tweet" turned out to be more popular than I expected. Popular Phillies blogger Mike "Meech" Meechiano was perhaps the biggest fan of "This Tweet"; I could always count on a RT from the proprietor of The Fightins1. But what should have been a weekly feature turned into a monthly special and now I'm here to give it a proper burial. Nobody can ever, ever do a weekly rundown of baseball player tweets anywhere in the blogosphere. Ever again.

Enough with the legal mumbo-jumbo. On with the listicle of my favorite 140-charactered nonsense from the past year of "This Tweet in Baseball"!

At the top of the list of things we wanted to highlight were baseball players possibly talking about Internet porn. Thanks, Jason Grilli.

Perhaps the most featured baseball player was Florida Marlins outfielder Chris Coghlan, whose proselytizing and in-your-face spirituality came off cheap and downright silly on Twitter. Give a man a fish, he'll eat for a day. Tweet about it and we'll make fun of you.

Also great: players oversharing about their various illnesses and bouts of barfing or the Hershey squirts, especially when they picked it up from their kids:

Or from food poisoning, allegedly:

Remember the day Ozzie Guillen joined Twitter? It was like Christmas and New Years Eve and Opening Day, all mashed up into one. God, he is the best.

Our other favorite manager on Twitter is noted ginzo Tommy Lasorda, He might not compose his own Tweets but following him is worth it just for the awkward photos.

Jim Bowden was, is, and forever will be a total dope. He's also a total bore who feels the need to tweet about Hollywood and celebrities like a common hausfrau.

Jose Canseco, once shockingly hilarious with his unmatchable display of dumbness, has become a parody of himself lately. Doesn't mean his spewings are any less entertaining in retrospect:

Alright, fans of "This Tweet": hit the bricks.

1It needs to be said: Walkoff Walk, like hot pretzels and the TV sitcom "Amen", was especially popular in Philadelphia. We thank the good people of that fine city for their support over the years.

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Have fun battling Satan Cogz, I ride with Lucifer and he doesn't give a shit

I'm gonna buy a 40 oz. tonight just so I can pour it out in honor of TTiB.

Then it's back to battling Satan!!!

following baseball players on twitter just isn't the same as reading it here

This went over better than my other idea for a column: "Who Wore It Best - Hott Uniforms of The Month."

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