Walkoff Walk Enemies List: People Named Jeff or Geoff

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Is there any first name that inspires more hatred than "Jeff"? I think not! Hit the bricks, Brads and Todds of the world; today, we at Walkoff Walk choose to continue the enemies list by singling out our most hated people with the name "Jeff" or the heterographically-equivalent "Geoff".

Consider yourselves lucky, Jeff Weaver and Jeff Torborg and Geoff Blum and AJC blogger Jeff Schultz. You were simply too invisible to earn a shred of our ire.

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Jeff Suppan once appeared in an ad against stem cell research, along with Kurt Warner and someone else who pretends to be Jesus. And the banshee from Everybody Loves Raymond.

Let's not forget Frenchy discounting OBP's worthiness by saying it didn't matter because it 'wasn't on the scoreboard'

even though his sub .300 obp stared at us from the scoreboard in Turner Field.

(call me)

Overheard in the WoW breakroom, moments ago:

"Geoff Baker is totally sad girl's dad."

"Geoff Baker is sad girl's spirit bear."

Well, at least Geoffrey the Giraffe didn't make this list. That's a moral victory for all of humanity, as far as I'm concerned.

Also omitted: Jeffy from the Family Circus. Just look at this little racist coward.

Geoff Baker also provided months of cover for Carlos Silva. Such a collaborator is an enemy of freedom.

I also forgot to put that racist redneck Jeff Sessions on this list.


Tor-fucking-borg definitely made my list.

Oh, you mean Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III? Chances are that if you're named after two different heroes of the Confederacy, you're probably a racist.

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