Walkoff Walk Enemies List: the Managers

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Can you believe this completely insane photograph? I'm rubbing my eyes over here trying to figure out if it's some elaborate Photoshop. If not, that's former Dodgers manager and current dago gadabout (in Italy, they call him La Balena Loquace, or the chatty whale) Tommy Lasorda presenting Bobby Valentine with an award for managerial achievement. Bobby Valentine, whose wild success in the Japanese league is overshadowed by his wild mediocrity in the MLB. Bobby Valentine, whose most notable moment in baseball was wearing a hilariously poor post-ejection disguise in the dugout. Bobby Valentine, who couldn't get a job in this offseason's wide-open managerial market!

What's next? Milton Bradley winning an award for good sportsmanship? AMIRITE?

Bobby Valentine and Tommy Lasorda in the same photograph makes us seethe; they've both been constant targets of our blog over the past three years. Which brings us to the first portion of the official Walkoff Walk Enemies List: the managers, both past and present. And if Gregg Zaun ever gets a job as a manager, the future as well.

Enough yakking...TO THE ENEMIES!

Whew! I hope we didn't miss any folks on this list. Let us know in the comments if there are any managers who you want to file under "E" for enemies.

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My personal fave TLR post. AS A LAWYER DONT FORGET IM A LAWYER...

Our lives were enriched when Liakos got a picture of - and, therefore, immortalized - The Mike Scioscia Face. Yeoman's work there, good sir.

Larry Bowa hates Brad Penny, so he's okay in my book.

Enemies list? That's inflammatory language!! You better hope none of these guys dies anytime soon (good luck with that one)otherwise Keith Olbermann will be all over you ass.

No Dusty? Color me flabbergasted.

D. Chuck's arm fell off after making that comment.

We don't like Dusty Baker...

...we LOVE him!

Not a manager but fuck Loria for firing Fredi Gonzalez and being the only owner to not recognize Bobby Cox's retirement

If Bobby Valentine had any more elective surgery, he'd be married to Spencer Pratt.

The Wop-on-Wop crime in this post makes me sad.

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