We Salute Our Guestgloggers and Their Handsome Blazers

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Let's continue our meander down Walkoff Walk's weed-infested memory lane, whaddya say? Ah, the Wednesday Afternoon Liveglog Club, one of several great features at Walkoff Walk that started out mediocre and eventually dwindled down to nothingness until it disappeared completely. Kind of like Joe Randa's career.

I'm not sure what the everlasting memory of the Liveglog Club will be: either the fact that most glogs ended after the seventh inning of games, or the impossible task of simultaneously listening to a game on the radio and trying to relay the information to the reader, or the basic lack of actual baseball content in glogs that usually devolved into food chat, or the nifty Liveglog Club patches that we made you iron on to your blue blazers.

What started out as a casual way to entertain cubicle-bound folks on workday afternoons in the regular season, though, became a total blowout in the postseason. Since playoff games happen every dang night of the week and since some of the editors were actually attending said games, we took the easy way out and brought in very special guests to help us out.

Note this well, dear reader: our friends in the grand blogosphere received no payment for their work here and were heavily restricted by the enormously slow WoW servers. Their work, however, was second-to-none and always entertaining.

Today, we salute:

  • Sooze, of Babes Love Baseball and Twitter:

    Sooze, the world's foremost female Twins fan and admirer of Joe "Man Muscles" Mauer, did five postseason and four regular season liveglogs for us along with at least two other feature columns. More than anything, Sooze lifted up the level of enthusiasm at Walkoff Walk and brought in a ton of commenters to have a grand old time. I still feel bad that my team of choice has done nothing but beat up on her team of choice over the history of our blog but really, the Yankees are just getting revenge for that awful 2006 MVP vote.

  • Matt Sussman, of everywhere on the Internet, including Twitter:

    Mr. Sussman, a bedraggled Tigers fan, is master of the pun and turn-of-phrase. Sadly, his career of liveglogging at Walkoff Walk was short-lived, I can find just two games in his archives and both featured miasmic AL Central teams: Mariners vs Royals and Tigers vs White Sox. Regular season, natch. However! Suss was a frequent guest of ours during massive All Star Game liveglogs, appeared on the podcast at least twice, and turned us down more often than not during the postseason to get paid to liveglog at far richer websites.

  • Tuffy, of SB Nation and Twitter:

    Pity our good pal Tuffy and his Cubs fandom. He's just another member of the vast Chicago diaspora in the dry heat of Arizona who can only witness Cubs wins when they don't matter during Spring Training. But let us now salute the man who has done a whopping ten playoff liveglogs for us, including the infamous 2008 ALCS Game Five glog that threatened to shut down the entire Internet with its vast number of comments and huge picture files. Special thanks from me to Sir Tuffy R. Tuffenstein for his dramatic Cover It Live glog of the Yankees clinching Game Six over the hated Phillies in 2009.

Honorable mention to commenter NJPANick for his one-off Cover-It-Live appearance in the 2010 ALDS. Yeah, that was the liveglog that featured videos of 1990s slow jams, because why not?

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It was an honor and a privilege to clog up your CiL's with Blackstreet and 112.

You'll also note that I posted the early video for Cee-Lo's "Fuck You" in that liveglog, a mere FOUR MONTHS before it blew the fuck up.
Cutting edge like Ronny-Dub's coke blade, SON.


Should have made one of them do this post via Cover it Live

I remember when we outed Sooze as a hipster. Good times.

I'm going to miss the glogs most of all. I am now very sad. Again.

I'm gonna miss WoW a lot... glogging was super fun, as was being mildly hammered by the 7th inning stretch of said glog. Cover It Live can suck it. Also, I'm surprised no one ever guessed that my password was mauer. GO TWINS! I love you Rob, Kris and WoW commenters. Especially you GorgeForeman.


Soooooo jealous. We have a shocking winner in the "Who's Clooniest" derby.

Kris wants to fight Gorge soooo bad now.

Sons of bitches; bumpuses! (Also: wombats wearing Superman ties.) http://www.walkoffwalk.com/pics/wombattutu.jpg

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