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Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, mob mentality.

  • HOW will Kris fare as he puts his money where his mouth is and ventures out to join the crowd protesting the Diamondbacks? Wish him luck and set Google Alerts for news stories involving a man in a Garfield t-shirt if you haven't done so already.

  • WILL you be watching the Sabathia/Halladay matchup this evening? Doesn't get much better than that on paper.

  • OR would you rather watch the other top-flight starters taking the hill this evening like David Price, Josh Johnson, Brett Cecil and Johan Santana?

  • ARE you surprised that the OriLOLes first basemen are hitting worse than some team's entire pitching staff? Boy, that's emasculating.

  • WOULD you ever commit a crime barefoot? This guy almost did and will be near impossible to identify if he actually puts shoes on.

Same WoW channel tomorrow.

Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, I was cutting off all my hair.

  • DOES Lou Pinella follow current events? I doubt it, considering he apparently planned a fishing trip in the Gulf of Mexico for his off day today. I hear there may or may not be a giant oil spill in that area.

  • WHAT should I be watching tonight instead of baseball? There's like three games on the teevee. Chris Capuano's big league return? Yeah, okay.

  • ARE you surprised that Bud Selig isn't overturning Jim Joyce's call to give Galarraga the perfect game?

  • HOW amazing is this story about reporter Alanna Rizzo getting hit by an overthrown ball during Rockies' batting practice?

  • WHY doesn't that article do a better job answering the many questions I now have about the situation? Who threw the ball? Why didn't anybody yell a warning? Did she fall down the dugout steps further adding to the hilarity? Would a male reporter have made the play? I DEMAND KNOWLEDGE!

That's all for today. Same WoW channel on the morrow.