310ToJoba: January 2011 Archives


In yet another stroke of self-aggrandizement, we editors of Walkoff Walk have asked our most devoted readers and commenters to contribute short essays about how much they love us. Some responded positively. Others, not so much. Today, we'll highlight some of the positive reflections. Next up is BCTF, formerly known as BC Twins Fan. Big change there. He's a Twins fan so he must like snow and losing to the Yankees.

I already complained about not receiving an invite from Iracane to write one of these. That's because this site has never been about the content. It's always been about me. Deal with it.

(Ices passerby, still doesn't realize that meme jumped the shark like 8 fucking months ago, posts picture of it in comments section)

Where would this site be without my wit to carry it? Answer: nowhere.

(Cracks lame sexual joke, most likely about a fat chick or masturbation)

And you definitely need me to keep tabs on the authors. Otherwise they'd just write anything with no regard for facts.

(Nitpicks Kris for forgetting a free agency move occurred, misses entire point of post)

Most importantly, I really tied the comments section here together.

(Tells utterly random story about a family member that has nothing to do with anything, starts political flame war for fun)

In conclusion, you're welcome.