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Holiday Questions

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Hey kids, lock the door.

  • IS Mark Teixeira going to sign on New Year's Eve so that none of your loyal WoW editors will be in the proper state to write about it? Wait, I think they celebrate New Year's on a different day in Canada so maybe Lloyd can do it. In any case apparently the Nationals have increased the.....zzzzzzzzz

  • WHAT is the Christmas list equivalent of wanting Brian Fuentes since you couldn't get Mark Teixeira? I'd say wanting a bus pass since you couldn't get a car.

  • DO you know who else writes about baseball and the human condition? Geoff Baker. This piece, and accompanying photos are pretty great.

  • WILL you be making a New Year's resolution? I haven't in a long time. I usually find the whole idea kind of self defeating, but this year I'm changing my tune. I am making one. My resolution for 2009 is to meet Joe Perry. If you have one, please leave it in the comments.

  • HOW will I feel, if sometime during the holidays Manny signs with the Yankees? It's not exact, but I assume it will hew pretty closely to Red's prediction over at Surviving Grady.

  • IS the headline proofer already on Christmas break at the NYT?

  • DO you know what the worst part about the offseason has been? We've hardly been able to say tater tot, funny bone, ding dong, tetratot or king dong. At least the new year will mean we're closer to a new season.

This seems as good a time as any to thank all of you that made Walkoff Walk's first year of existence a happy and successful one. That goes out to everyone that reads and also to our blog brothers and sisters that helped spread the word about what we were doing. I'd also like to thank the people who just stop by for pictures of Lobster Baby. I wish you all nothing but the best for your holidays and that we'll all share a new year that is better than this one.

You know if something crazy happens we'll stop by here and let you know, but otherwise consider yourself (and us) on vacation. We'll see you on January 5th. Take good care.

The New York Yankee Christmas Dance

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Seasons Greetings from this large Hispanic man who has clearly sustained some sort of head trauma.

Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, if you know a better Christmas song sung by a cooler dude, then you're lying and you're not my friend.

  • SHOULD we sponsor the World Baseball Classic? It doesn't seem like anyone else wants to.

  • WHAT do you think of changing the 5 percent rule in the HoF voting? Personally, I think I need to make a turkey sandwich.

  • WHY did it take me almost a year to realize what a funny blog name "Inside The White Sox" is?

  • WHEN should Rangers fans expect to be rooting for a contender? 3 years. Or maybe five. Did you just say you're gonna smear mud on your ass? No, I said my bud's in class. I gotta go see how his grades are. Leave me alone.

We'll see you WoWies tomorrow for our last day before Holiday Break. In school that always meant teachers just showing movies and letting you get away with whatever you want. We're gonna try and make it just as fun. See ya.

Rinku And Dinesh News To Last You Through The Holidays

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Oh the weather outside is frightful (unless you've temporarily relocated to South Florida like me), but The Million Dollar Arm (Sound the alarm!) is still delightful. Yesterday those vulturous bastards at ESPN ran their OTL episode about our boys Rinku and Dinesh. It contains stellar wordplay like "baseball was a FOREIGN concept" and "a learning curve as steep as Mt. Everest." In any case it's valuable just for a chance to watch the guys the throw and see the zip on their fastball. Also, to see them look at Mark Schwarz like he's nuts. Please to enjoy, below.

In other news, the guys signed a merchandising deal with Under Armour which is both cool and apropos since the company spells "Armour" like a bunch of colonial brits.

And finally, after my 40+ hours on the bus I arrived here weary, but was quickly perked up by what I found in my inbox. It was a Holiday Card from JB and the gang at 7FM. Since the text thanks everyone that had a hand in helping them have a great year, I thought it was only fair to share it with all of you.


Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, signals, calls and marches.

You all have a good evening. Same WoW channel.
mrmet.jpgSo Frankie Rodriguez was introduced with the Mets yesterday. The only thing dumber than the construction had they made him wear was Jerry Manuel's declaration that he intends to platoon K-Rod and JJ Putz at closer. Ugh.

Manuel said the division of the closer role will probably be along the lines of 70-30 in favor of Rodriguez, but the fact Putz will be in line to get more than a handful of chances is surprising.

"I do think that if we are to be where we expect to be, we'll have to have more than one guy save games," Manuel said after K-Rod's introductory news conference in Long Island City yesterday.

"With what [GM Omar Minaya] has provided for us, it gives us that opportunity to not miss a step, so if we have three or four in a row [where] we needed one guy, we feel very confident that we could use the other guy in that same particular role because he's had success in that role.

Yeah, Jerry. If you plan on going 162-0 next year you're definitely going to need two closers. But if you're like, oh, pretty much every other ballclub in history you're not going to have so many save opportunities that you need two closers. Rodriguez has proved a bit of a primadonna over the course of his quest for the save record and concurrent contract issues. If you think that a guy that cared that much about much the save record isn't going to care about how many chances he gets, then you're nuts.

Is it a bad baseball move? Probably not. The freshest arm in the best matchup is always statistically preferable. But, that's not the issue. The Mets just paid $37M for Rodriguez and made it their big offseason backpage move. He belives it, Minaya believes it, and the fans believe it. Manuel is opening himself up for a beatdown with Putz's first blown save.

This was all done before yesterday's team Christmas party which gives me a chance to post this picture of Mike Cameron. Ho ho ho!

Tonight's Questions

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pouting kid.jpgHey kids, let's put an end to this.

Someone buy me a new IPod. Same WoW Channel.

Brian Giles: Alleged Scum Of Earth; Still Overly Tan

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Rather disturbing news out of San Diego today. No, it's not a ptomaine outbreak at Rubio's. As mentioned in today's Dutch Oven, kind of good orangey hitter Brian Giles is batting 1.000 with his formerly pregnant ex-girlfriend. She's claiming a $10M stake in the proceedings, and that the reason she's "formerly pregnant" is Giles' fault. That's horrible as all get out. The gory details:

Padres outfielder Brian Giles is being sued for more than $10 million by a former girlfriend who alleges he battered her while she was pregnant and caused her to suffer a miscarriage.

Plaintiff Cheri Olvera alleges in her complaint that she and Giles lived together since 2002 and became engaged around December 2005. However, the marriage never took place due to Giles' violence toward her, the suit states.

She alleges that the two reached an agreement that if their relationship ended by death, separation or otherwise, that all of Giles' property would be divided for her benefit. But in April 2008, she states Giles breached the agreement. She stated Giles failed to secure her financially according to the standard of living they shared and failed to divide his assets.

The suit, filed in San Diego Superior Court, states the abuse began in 2002. It accuses Giles of "hitting and slapping plaintiff in the face; pushing plaintiff; shaking plaintiff; kicking plaintiff; hitting plaintiff in the chest; knocking plaintiff to the floor, battering plaintiff twice when she was pregnant with the parties' child, causing plaintiff to suffer a miscarriage."

Jesus. If there's truth in that I glean two truths from that. A: She should have gotten that agreement in writing, and 2: Brian Giles uses his roid powers for evil.

We're coming up on our first birthday here at WoW and spending that much time covering athletes unfortunately means you're going to handle your fair share of domestic abuse stuff. The difference between now and the old days is that back then it was much less likely to become public. Just ask Marilyn Monroe. But there's a direct correlation to the amount of these stories you hear and the outrage that's mustered.

Back in April, Sassy Senior Jorge Cantu had some pretty serious accusations leveled at him, that were kept quiet while he was having a "comeback season." It also helped that the charges were dismissed. One has more trouble imagining this Giles story being forgotten so easily with the whole matter of the miscarriage.

In any case, we here at WoW do our part to keep the spotlight on alleged wifebeaters... sometimes even after they're acquitted. That Wil Cordero Memorial Linkpunch didn't name itself. So remember you are handsy rage freaks of MLB: WE'RE WATCHING.

Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, it's toast.

  • WHAT does Jim Leyland mean when he says Edwin Jackson "can be a horse?" Edwin Jackson is a shapeshifter!

  • IS there a better reason to cancel a baseball trade than for baseball reasons? I'm looking at you Mike Cameron. Why are you in my house?

  • IS this the craziest title for a newspaper blog post in history? Richard Griffin, shine on you crazy diamond.

  • CAN someone buy Mariners GM Jack Zduriencik a dictionary? He says the word "rebuilding" isn't in his vocabulary. That's a pretty basic word. It's amazing he got through an interview.

  • WHO doesn't think paying AJ Burnett this much money is ridiculous?

  • DO you agree with Matt_T's album's of the year? I haven't gotten around to making my list yet. But I could probably be persuaded to start throwing out some favorites if a conversation gets started in the comments.

Welp, that's it for us today. I need to go get a TV cause I just threw my shoe at that new ABC Dick Cheney interview. See you tomorrow. Same WoW channel.

Tonight's Questions

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fish baby.jpgHey kids, my life exploded.

  • NEED a baseball team? The Padres are for sale. I can't really blame John Moores. If I had any assets I'd liquidate them too.

  • IS there a doubt that Andy Pettite is going back to The Bronx? I guess with all the free agent hubbub down there, he kind of got lost in the shuffle. But with the kind of money they're throwing around they could pay him $30M to be a one out lefty specialist. I give this news a bi...zzzzzz

  • ARE you excited for me to write at least 3 posts about Barry Bonds signing with a weak hitting team come spring time? Well he aint quitting and neither am I.

  • IF teams can't afford Barry Bonds, you think they'd sign Dizzee Rascal? He seems pretty good with a bat.

  • IS anyone else starting to feel like the ownership situation leaguewide is something less than stable? These guys are the same rich folk you hear losing money all over the place and you gotta wonder when it starts affecting the clubs. Fred Wilpon's losses in that Madoff ponzi scheme are fueling just that type of speculation.

  • WHY can't I have this kind of stuff in Boston? I'm sick of locking up my bike and leaving it in the rain. And yes, my bike has gears and handbrakes. I'm not a filthy trendjumping hipster.

That's it, Grampy. Show's over for today. Come back tomorrow when the dancers are rested up. Same WoW channel.

Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, buy it, buy it, buy it, sell it.

  • HOW is it possible that I had never seen Hamster On A Piano before Maura talked about it on Idolator today?

  • DO you have a question for Rinku and/or Dinesh? Well now you can play along at home and pretend you're like me, the handsome interviewer. They've set up an email address where you can ask them stuff and they'll answer it in the blog.

  • IS it possible that Hanley Ramirez may not even make the DR's WBC team? If that happens then Felipe Alou is drinking his son's pee again.

  • ARE you sad that George Bush doesn't want to be Commissioner of Baseball because he's "had enough of the spotlight?" Then you're an idiot like he is. Go read another blog.

  • IF Jim Leyland (that asshole) wants to forget last season, wouldn't I be doing him a favor by hitting him over the head with a sock full of nickels?

  • MEANEST Tonight's Questions ever? I don't care, go cry to your mother.

Hamster on a piano. (Whoa-oh) Hamster on a piano. (Whoa-oh) Eating popcorn on a piano, same WoW channel.

Rinku Singh and Dinesh Patel: The Walkoff Walk Interview

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rinku and dinesh in cool dude shades.jpg

Previous installments of The Walkoff Walk Interview have been straight transcripts of conversations that I had with my subjects. Both Alberta Griffey and Helene Sovern proved charming and engaging, and me, even more so. Both interviews had a flow that lent themselves to that kind of presentation.

But of all the Q&A's I've done for the site, I was obviously the most excited for the one I had on Tuesday afternoon with Rinku and Dinesh. Before they broke worldwide, we'd been cheering them on for months here at WoW. We'd talked about them so much we felt like we knew them. When I contacted Jeff "JB, Sir" Bernstein with the request on Monday he quickly agreed and the wheels were in motion. I had sort of envisioned asking questions through a translator. I knew that the guys had been working on their English but wasn't sure exactly how far along it was.

When I called them, I found out I was wrong. I talked one on one with Dinesh and then with Rinku. While their English was pretty great for two guys who had only started learning the language a couple months back, it still limited the questions I could ask, and certainly limited the scope of their answers. For that reason, I don't think the transcript format will work best here. It's probably best that I just relay some of the high points.

  • First off, they were as polite on the phone as they seem on their blog. I almost crapped when they called me Kris, Sir. I asked them both if they felt prepared for spring training after the training at USC. They both seemed confident saying that they had played with good players there. Delving into the issue of teammates a little more, I asked Dinesh if he felt it was more difficult playing a team sport than individual one like javelin. He laughed and had a definitive answer.

    "Team sport is harder. In team sport you care about everything. Individual sport, it's only one person. Team sports have many things going on the same time."

  • I asked them whether or not they still get homesick. Rinku says they miss their families very much but they talk to them weekly and now with the increased media coverage of them around the world "they get to see more what we're doing."

  • Dinesh's favorite pitcher is Cliff Lee, who would probably also be mine if I had just started watching baseball last year. In any case it's probably a good sign that he hopes to take cues from a crafty lefty. After winning this opportunity based purely on his velocity it seems like he's interested in learning how to really pitch. I didn't understand Rinku when he told me his favorite pitcher because I was interviewing them at work and someone slammed the door to the walk-in fridge.

  • I asked them if they had heard anything about Pittsburgh as a city yet. Dinesh said they were visiting February 15 and were "excited," which leads me to believe that they haven't heard anything about Pittsburgh as a city yet.

    Regarding the Pirates as an organization, unsurprisingly they didn't know much about the franchise's history, which is just as well. It would probably behoove more minor leaguers to not worry so much about the franchise and just work on improving their game. Especially with a team whose futility is as weighty as the Bucs, ignorance to that fact is probably a plus.

  • My final question for each of them was open ended. I asked about their goals here in America, specifically for next year. Dinesh said he wanted to learn more about how to pitch, but Rinku took it a step further.

    "Get better at pitching. Help my team. Help the Pirates win the World Series." Kid's got guts, I'll tell ya.

Before I hung up I got to talk to JB a little. He made the point that more than Rinku and Dinesh being Indian, it's just amazing that two guys signed a pro contract in a sport that they hadn't heard of 7 months earlier. We racked our brains to come up with someone else like that and couldn't. He asked me if I'd seen the "Babewatch" blog entry. I said I had but I didn't want to bring it up since Rinku seemed mad about it. JB said "he wasn't mad, he was INCENSED." That made me laugh.

Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, any amount is appreciated.

  • IF the Yankees are interested in every single free agent on the market, and the team is so bad that it needs a complete overhaul then...

  • HOW does Brian Cashman have a job? And...

  • IF they sign 4 guys this winter to $400M worth of contracts and they win next year...

  • WILL people talk about what a great job he did of getting the team back to the top? Because that all sounds like crap to me.

  • WILL Tony Kubek getting into the Hall Of Fame do anything to stop Upstate Underdog from complaining about Jim Kaat's exclusion?

  • DO you need a date? Ask this broad.

See you, stinkers. Same WoW channel.

Sportswriters Gone Wild: Winter Meetings In Vegas

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By now you're familiar with our nuanced relationship with beat writers. They feed us info, we read them constantly and to pay them back for their dilligence we are constantly making fun of them. Almost all of them we've had contact with have been great guys and seem to like the ribbing. When I realized last week that the Winter Meetings were going to be in Vegas, I knew it was going to be Sportswriter Bacchanalia. Even if there wasn't any movement on the actual baseball front, I knew some of my favorite scribes wouldn't be able to resist throwing some personal tidbits into their blogs. Dudes love looking like insiders.

I was going to save this for the end of the week, but after the Sabathia news this morning we expect that Dutch Oven to start boiling any second. Gonna be a chain reaction, y'all! So without further ado here are my favorite sportswriter nuggets (gross) from the week so far.

  • Our boy Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star does Vegas like it should be done. With a ton of cheap hooch and gradually diminishing faculties. Here's his take on Utopia, from a post titled, and I'm serious, "OY CANADA!":

    "By the way, I appreciate all the advice I have received from readers on future bookings in Vegas, but I happen to love the intimacy of Bill's Gamblin' Hall. Why, three times per day, Elvis performs live in Bill's Lounge. There is a top notch after hours bar with live music until five in the morning. There is a stained glass window in my shower and the water pressure could blow a tick off an elephant. Margaritas go for 99 cents and you can get a hot dog and a beer for four and a quarter at any hour of the day or night. In addition, there is free valet parking and when I asked the guy how long ahead I should call down to get my car out, he said "thirty seconds." Sweet.

    More from Vegas later tonight."

    Not surprisingly there was no post later that night. But his most recent post is titled "Jays inquire about sweet Furcal," with no allusion to why he is "sweet." Good luck getting through customs with whatever the hell is in that suitcase, Griff.

  • Geoff Baker is taking creepy pictures of Nolan Ryan.

  • Evan Grant's mom is a tortured woman with a hallucinating son:

    "Later today, I'll be doing a version the "Fat Joe left Atlantic!" bit in a call to my mom in Omaha, modifying it by exclaiming "Alan Embree signed with Colorado!" This will amuse me and -- sadly -- won't even rattle my mom."

And of course, our pal Duk from Big League Stew piled into a car with Yahoo's Jeff Passan, drove across town to the fabled In N Out, and bought all of these sloths 35 Animal Style Double Doubles, then went out of his way to erroneously call us In-N-Out haters. Pete Abraham was way into the burgers.

UPDATE: John Fay went to BOTH Planet Hollywood and P.F. Chang's last night. Do not try and stop this man. He is a party animal the likes of which haven't been seen since Spuds McKenzie. I fear this is going to end in a strung out knife fight between him and Griffin.

Tonight's Question

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Hey kids, Uncle Salazar knows.

  • WHO dat is? That's just my Cecil Espy.

See you tomorrow. Same WoW channel.

Tonight's Questions

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fish toddler.jpg
Hey kids, you can't keep them down on the farm.

  • WHAT are the ramifications of Gerald Laird being sent to the Tigers? Well there's this baseball team in Boston that was really hoping to score one head of the Rangers' catching Hydra. Not to mention the fact that the Tigers had been total teases by expressing interest in both Julio Lugo and Jason Varitek this offseason. They've now filled both their C and SS positions and the Red Sox still have to deal with those two lumps. It lowers Tek's value, but still means they have to make a difficult decision on him.

  • WHAT kind of trouble will the Griffins, Bakers, and Fays of the world be getting into this week at the Bellagio? Petey Abraham gonna get the Rain Man suite! And completely soak the bed with sweat! Join me tomorrow for a full roundup on what these dudes are up to. They're our first link to news, and they're just like us. Only a little older and more enthralled with that sinking boat light show thing at Treasure Island.

  • ARE you excited that Baseball Digest, is finally hitting the internet? I read this thing loyally as a kid, but had hardly even noticed they weren't on the web. They have some catching up to do, and I'm interested to see how it works out. Heady times over there. I've even heard some of the editors are beginning to say "Holla."

  • HOW much worse would this have been if it happened in Tim Kurkjian's bathroom? Dude is hung like the Abominable Snowman. Makes you feel bad about yourself.
That's all for today. Thanks again to all of you for sticking with us through this frigid ice queen of an offseason. And since I saw him mention it in the comments the other day, Congrats to Lloyd and his clan on the addition of his new daughter. That officially makes one out of three of us kind of somewhat like an adult.

Same WoW Channel.

Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, Darius McCrary.

  • WHAT the hell is this guy talking about in the first two paragraphs of this column? If baseball is so boring to you dude, then go cover some city council meets and get lost. And also, don't speak for me. I'm not disillusioned. I'm so illusioned I'm like David Goddamned Copperfield.

  • WOULD Ron Gant make the HoF if Matt_T hadn't been kicked out of the selection committee for sleeping with Branch Rickey's widow?

  • IS this the vaguest headline ever?

  • DID the Reds make the right move by re-signing Mike Lincoln?

  • IS anyone ever going to do anything interesting this offseason so I can stop talking about people like Mike Lincoln?

Tomorrow is a half day here so bring a book or something to read. Haha. Just kidding. Read Big League Stew instead. Same WoW channel.

Tonight's Questions

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December 4th Flyer-small.jpg

Hey kids, go ramble.

  • DOES someone have a lint brush for Tim Lincecum?


  • HOW many times will I watch this today and guffaw? (NSFW. Turn your volume down, officefolk.)

  • CAN you read that flyer up there? That's for a poetry reading that I am lucky enough to be part of tomorrow night in Brooklyn. If you can't read the fine print, show starts here at 8 O'clock. That name Jeff Laughlin? You may know him better as Business Or Leisure, blogger, poet and WoWie. If you live in NYC and want to come out, well we'd love to see you.

So long, sports fans. Same WoW channel.

WPIX Yankees Commercial - 1979

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Hey, it's Classic TV Wednesday! Long time no see, nostalgia fans. This week we're traveling back to 1979 to watch some baseball and some cartoons. Or commercials for them anyway. Enjoy!

Lee Smith: A Life More Smithy

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When discussing the Hall of Fame voting here the other day, Lee Smith's name piqued my interest. During some of his best years he played for the Red Sox so I remember him but I don't remember too much about him other than that to a 7 year old he looked like a giant and I thought he'd make a good wrestler.

I think it was Iracane that said he'd vote for Smith just because he was better than Fingers or Sutter who are already in the Hall. I'd tend to agree, but then again I just said I didn't remember all that much about the man. So I decided to look back at his career and his numbers and pass the savings on to you.

Smith played for 18 years in the majors and his early years with the Cubs are a story of perseverance and great camaraderie between him and some other incredible black baseball players. According to his Wikipedia page (don't worry I checked the references too), he was discovered in Louisiana by Buck O'Neil. He began his minor league career as a starter and then quit to play college basketball at Northwestern State after being demoted to the bullpen. He was coaxed back into the Cubs organization in 1980 by Chicago great Billy Williams and was mentored in his first full season by Fergie Jenkins. Nice friends.

In 1984, Smith threw 101 innings and recorded 33 saves for a Cubs team that made it one win away from the World Series. Smith lost Game Four, coughing up a 2 run tater tot to Babymakin' Steve Garvey and the Padres went on to the series. Smith would make two trips to the postseason in his career (the other in 1988 with the Red Sox) never finding much success. He pitched a total of 5.1 career postseason innings, allowing 5 ER.

In 2 1/4 seasons withe Red Sox, Smith was the AL's premier closer racking up over 10K/9IP and saving nearly 60 games. But once the Red Sox acquired Jeff Reardon, Smith was traded to the Cardinals for Tom Brunansky in 1990.

Smith would go on to play for five teams after the Cardinals, garnering Cy Young and MVP votes in Baltimore in 1994 and making the All-Star team both there and the following season with the Angels. When Smith retired he was the All-Time Saves leader, a record that would stand for nearly 10 seasons. He was the All-Time saves leader for the Cardinals until 2006, and remains the All-Time saves leader for the Cubs. He played on 7 All-Star teams as a member of 5 different clubs. His career 162 game average per Baseball Reference works out to about 31 saves and nearly a K/IP.

I understand the merits of voting in Lee Arthur Smith based on Iracane's Theory Of Relativity, but I don't like much about Fingers or Sutter and it seems like the biggest reason to vote for Smith was that he held the saves record for so long. But with such a short window of statistical dominance, it may be that his record was more about timing. A strong guy, blessed with longevity that came of age at the same time the role of the closer did.

Lee, I love you buddy, but you wouldn't make the cut on my ballot. I do think it's awesome that you have children named Nikita and Dmitri. Perhaps one day you will be inducted into the Russian Baseball Hall Of Fame.

Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, it landed with a sickening thud.

  • WHO said this during a contract holdout with Oakland in the early 90s: "If they want to pay me like Mike Gallego, I'll play like Gallego." Of coursew it was Rickey Henderson. Of course Gallego was his teammate. Read more good Rickey quotes here.

  • DOES anyone else think that Derek Bell was set up by Glenn Davis? Well you're wrong, he was.

  • WHAT is a better use for a defunct baseball stadium: A parking lot or a place for elephants to do it?
That's all for today. Eat my beard squeezins. Same WoW Channel.

Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, I can't sleep.

  • Is a bird in the hand better than one in an unopened 1977 Topps wax pack?

  • IS Jim Rice finally going to sneak into the HoF, on this, his final ballot appearance? I think he should, but doubt he will. The older I get the more I realize the arbitrary nature of the Hall and the less the inductions actually mean. Still an amazing place to visit, though.

  • WHO will get more HoF votes: Greg Vaughn or Mo Vaughn? I thought Greg Vaughn was still playing.

  • WHAT do you think of the girl suing her high school to play on the baseball team? I think she could probably go yard on every single one of our readers so take it easy on the "get in the kitchen" jokes.

  • IS Del Taco the new In-N-Out?

  • DID you know Roy Acuff played baseball? Did you know that Roy Acuff is an anagram for Cay Of Fur, which is what I'm naming my new private island? Did you know I'm losing my mind?

Sit on it. Same WoW channel.