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This is our third HoF go round here at Walkoff Walk and we've been alternately blase and fascinated by the whole thing. Hell, the first thing ever on the site was Rob's now legendary "Hall Of Sandwiches" post. Seriously, just type Hall Of Fame into that little search bar over there on the right and you'll find enough handwringing, analysis, and snoring noises to make your head spin.

This year I thought it would be interesting funnier to see what other people were saying about the ballot. Specifically, which dudes got articles devoted specifically to their Hall Of Fame candidacies. There are 33 names on what ol' Bob Neyer calls "one mighty crowded ballot" and the obvious names are getting plenty of play already.

Since Bert Blyleven and Roberto Alomar came so close last year they get most of the pub. Mike Baumann, columnist and Office Santa Claus for the 12th straight Christmas, calls their exclusion an injustice on the house organ. Alomar himself is "confident" that he'll get in. I hope not. I wanna keep reading about spit every year.

In 2010 the word steroids is as inextricable from the discussion as the word Cooperstown, so you'll read plenty about Raffy Palmeiro, Mark McGwire and Juan Gonzalez. Not that I'll be reading any of that, but you know... you can.

Dave Parker is making his last appearance on the regular ballot and that's always good for an article or two. He's not impossible to make a case for. Especially if you ask him.

"I won two batting titles, should have won two MVPs, was in three World Series, was the MVP of the All-Star Game, DH of the Year twice, and won the RBI crown," Parker said. "I did everything that you could possibly do in baseball and I'm not in the Hall?

"I should be in the Hall of Fame. Ain't no doubt about it."

That's the worst argument anyone's made for a vote since Rudy Giuliani ran for president. I'm pretty sure Parker just made up DH of the Year.

Jeff Bagwell is on the list and has a fair number of supporters. Consensus is that he won't make it on the first ballot, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say that he does. He had (in this case) the good fortune of playing an entire career in Houston where no one gave enough of a shit to accuse him of taking steroids even though he looked like a VW bus doing a wheelie in the batters box. Look for him to get a strong "played clean" push from the delusional part of the voting bloc and get in. It'll be like the midterm elections all over again.

Tino Martinez got a dedicated article for his inclusion just because he's from Tampa. Dave Parker should say he's from Tampa. Carlos Baerga and Benito Santiago got an article about them in Spanish for being Puerto Rican. Dave Parker should say he's Puerto Rican.